Scrap Car Parts Can Help The Bicycle Industry

For those that are interested in recycling and particular metal recycling, or just for those who like to see old become new, a great website to visit is bicycled bikes. This website shows exactly what can be done with some scrap, and to say it is impressive is an understatement.

This Madrid-based company have posted a video on their website that has resulted in a complete explosion of interest in their unique, handmade and environmentally friendly creation, “the urban bike”. The video received over 85,000 hits in its first week of being posted, and the company have stated that the video appears to have resulted in around 1,000 online reservations of their extra special prototype bike. This is before it has even become a fully-fledged product available to the masses.

So what has resulted in this increase in popularity? The best way to explain is to view the video for you. The clip shows how the parts of an old car have been put to good use. Even the indicators are used, being turned into a back light. In fact around 50 percent of the materials used to create this one of a kind bike are taken from the scrap of a dismantled car. However bicycled bikes are looking to improve this percentage to increase the recycled content of the bikes they make in future.

The company recognise not only the environmental pros of their creations, any type of recycling of course is at a benefit to our wonderful planet, but they have also have in mind the needs of those that buy the bike. What better feeling can you have then knowing that your new mode of transport has a positive impact on the world, and of course, such a one of a kind product is bound to become the envy of all your friends.

What exactly do bicycled bikes do with the parts that they taken from the old vehicles? The video shows a variety of parts being used; car seats become bike seats, handles from the doors become the handlebars. But what about the less obvious parts of the vehicle? The transmission belts are taken from the engine, cut down and made into the bicycle’s chain and other pieces of upholstery is used to make the ride more comfortable, especially on the handlebars, a small pleasure for any cyclist.

What really has impressed us at Scrap Car Comparison is the amount of love and care that is taken in the creation. Each bike is unique and is a reflection of the skill and creativity of the company and its craftsman.

If you are lucky enough to own one of these bikes then  ride with pride, just by purchasing a scrap made bike you are taking one step (or should that be pedal) towards making the world a cleaner place, and surely there is nothing better than that!

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