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Electric and hybrid cars and vans are gradually taking up more of the automotive market, which means that they’re also starting to filter through to the scrapping sector. Electric and Hybrid vehicles help reduce carbon emissions every single day, but the time will come when they need to be scrapped. Both electric and hybrid vehicles can be scrapped alongside petrol and diesel vehicles; however, this is done so in a slightly different way.

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Question Mark IconDo I Need to Scrap an Electric Vehicle?

Just like traditional motors, hybrid and electric cars need to be scrapped and salvaged. You won’t be surprised to discover that the process is different for electric cars; however, the process involved in scrapping one is a lot simpler than you may think. Hybrid and electric cars are quickly becoming dominant in the automotive market thanks to initiatives direct from the UK Government. That means as the number of electric and hybrid cars in the market increases, so too does the need to scrap and sell a damaged electric car.

Question Mark IconScrapping Your Electric or Hybrid Car – The Process

We’ve refined the process to be as hassle-free and quick as possible to the point that our customers regularly comment on how convenient it was to scrap their car. We’ve simplified the process into three easy steps:

finding a scrap car buyerStep One: Generate a Quote

Firstly, you will be asked to enter your car or van’s registration number and your postcode into our quote generator. We then pass the details of your vehicle by our network of trusted scrap and salvage buyers across the UK to compare the best possible prices. You will then receive a quote which is guaranteed for 24-hours.

Step Two: Confirm Your Details

Once you have accepted the quote, our team will be in contact to discuss everything with you and answer any questions you may have. Our buyers will then be in touch to arrange a convenient time to collect the vehicle. Customer peace of mind is important to us, so as long as the vehicle is accessible by a recovery vehicle, our buyers will always ensure that the vehicle is collected from a location, and on a date, which is mutually convenient. Whether that’s on your drive, a nearby road, a local garage or even further afield. In some circumstances your vehicle can also be collected without you being present, however this varies from buyer-to-buyer and is discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Step Three: Vehicle Collection and Payment

Once you have agreed a collection location and time with your buyer, they will come and pick it up right from your doorstep, free of charge.

Car IconScrapping Hybrid or Electric Vehicles – FAQs

Question Mark IconWhat Parts of a Hybrid Car or Van Can be Recycled?

Many parts of a hybrid car or van can be recycled, these include its tyres, interior and the electric battery.

Question Mark IconWhat Happens to the Battery in a Hybrid Vehicle?

All modern electric vehicles use different variations of lithium-ion batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries which can be recycled. The batteries in hybrid cars and vans can also be recycled. In fact, 90% of lithium-ion batteries can be recovered and nickel metal hydride batteries can be completely recycled and dismantled. All the more reason to ensure your scrap hybrid vehicle is recycled responsibly and sustainably.

Question Mark IconWhat Documents Do I Need?

When scrapping your car or van, the buyer of your vehicle will need to verify your identity for legal reasons, as a result you will need to provide the following paperwork:

Recovery Truck IconAre Collections Free for my Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

Yes. All of our scrap and salvage buyers within our network operate with free collections as standard. So the price you are quoted for your vehicle, is the price you will receive, subject to inspection.

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All we need is your postcode and registration number, so you can compare over 100 quotes. Get started today or read our most frequently asked questions. For more information on scrapping an electric or hybrid vehicle, read our handy guide.

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