finding a scrap car buyerHow To Find A Scrap or Salvage Car Buyer

Finding suitable buyers for your scrap car can be a bit of a minefield. Different locations, vehicles and companies can all affect what monetary value will be attributed to your car, and whilst occasionally the best prices are offered when you go directly to a scrap yard, this isn’t always the case, and the time spent contacting each individual yard can be an inefficient use of your time. Which is why we put together Scrap Car Comparison; a comprehensive network of the most trusted scrap car buyers which spans across the UK.

Our nationwide network makes finding a buyer for your scrap car incredibly easy; not just because we cover almost every area in the UK which means we can find a company to purchase your vehicle regardless of your location, but because we can do all of that whilst offering you the most competitive prices in the market. A fact we’re so sure of, we guarantee all of our quotes.

Scrap car buyers calculate the price given to a vehicle based on a multitude of factors which you can read more about on our dedicated Scrap Car Value page, but because we offer the buyers on our network a steady flow of vehicles which helps to make their business run more efficient in both time and cost, they provide us with incredibly competitive prices in return, even for vehicles which are typically considered low value.

We hold our scrap car buyers to the highest standards, regularly screening their service to ensure that only the most trusted and reliable buyers are available on our website. As part of our initial screening and further checks we award buyers either trusted or certified status.

Trusted Buyer.

Company Background Check.
This means that we have looked into how long the company has been trading for, their trade references and the systems which they have in place to deal with vehicle collections.

In-depth Questionnaire.

This means that we have all information regarding their company activities and the services in which they provide so that we can ensure we match our customers with the most suitable buyers.

Contact Verification.
This means that we have all of the relevant information about their company, such as payment methods, collection times, their site address and various points of contact have been taken and verified so that we can always get hold of them on behalf of our users.

Licenses Checked.
If the buyer is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) their registered number is recorded and checked along with their Waste Carriers and Scrap Metal Dealers, licences.

Certified Buyer.

Recognised Certified Buyer

Certified buyers are the buyers we regard the highest. These buyers have taken the above vetting process but in addition to this they also have:

95% Positive Feedback.
This means that we have looked into the reviews left by their customers and followed up on any negative feedback to see if the issue was followed up upon and resolved, and whether any actions were put in place to prevent recurrence.

Site visited and inspection made
All certified buyers have been visited by a member of the Scrap Car Comparison team on their site to check that correct practices are followed regarding payments and customer contact.

Service Level Agreements.
This means that each of our certified buyers have had their collections monitored for 6 months to ensure that they adhere to the targets and customer response times set out in our initial agreement.

In order to ensure that our customers receive the best possible care scrap car buyers are only added to our network once they pass the above criteria. Once they have been added to our network they are closely monitored with routine reviews to check that all customers are taken care of with the highest possible standards. If a buyer fails to adhere to collection times or does not communicate with our customers then we follow up immediately and create an action plan to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and if the issue does persist then the buyer is removed from our network completely.

If you’d like to apply to become one of our Trusted Collection Partners please call us on 03333 44 99 50 in the first instance.
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