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It is the intention of Scrap Car Comparison Limited to provide you, on behalf of one or more of our Trusted Collection Partners, with a valuation for your vehicle. If you choose to sell your vehicle to one of our Trusted Collection Partners, Scrap Car Comparison will receive a commission payment from our Trusted Collection Partner for arranging the transaction of your vehicle. We will not on any occasion, undertake the collection, salvage or disposal of your vehicle. Any arrangement relating to the collection, salvage or disposal of your vehicle will be strictly between you and the Trusted Collection Partner. Please read the full terms and conditions of Scrap Car Comparison below. Should you have any questions or concerns about the service we deliver please do contact a member of our support team on 03333 44 99 50

Scrap Car Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions stated below shall oversee the Customer’s use of the service we provide through www.scrapcarcomparison.co.uk
Your completion of the online Quote Form on our Website, confirms your willingness to abide by these terms and conditions.

1.1. “Trusted Collection Partner” refers to a third party Vehicle Collector that are authorised by Us to collect a Vehicle and are legally authorised to dispose of End-Of-Life Vehicles.
1.2. “Acceptance” shall mean the Customer has legally agreed to sell the vehicle in respect of the monetary sum Offered by the Trusted Collection Partner.
1.3. “Customer” will refer to the person, business or corporate organisation along with any subsidiary or associate company as defined by the Companies Act 2006 that interacts with the Service on our website. “You” and “Your” will be used reciprocally to denote the Customer.
1.4. “Offer” refers to the monetary sum the Trusted Collection Partner is prepared to collect the Vehicle for, after undertaking an inspection of the Vehicle.
1.5. “Quote Form” will refer to the form situated on the website homepage which necessitates data to be supplied in return for a Vehicle Valuation.
1.6. “Valuation” refers to the monetary sum estimated as a Vehicles value based upon the details submitted by the customer on the Quote Form, regarding the Vehicle.
1.7. “Vehicle” alludes to any Vehicle inclusive of an End of Life Vehicle as determined by End-Of-Life Vehicle Regulations 2003.
1.8. “Complete Vehicle” shall refer to a Vehicle containing all of the vital components that a rational person would expect it to contain comprising, without restriction, wheels with fully inflated tyres, an engine, a gearbox, all body panels and a catalytic converter (if originally fitted)

2.1. The intention of the Service provided by our website is to deliver you with a Valuation for your Vehicle on behalf of our Trusted Collection Partner. If you choose to sell your Vehicle to our Trusted Collection Partner, We will receive a commission payment from our Trusted Collection Partner for arranging the transaction of your vehicle.
2.2. We will not, on any occasion, undertake the collection, salvage or disposal of your vehicle. Any arrangement relating to the collection, salvage or disposal of your vehicle will be strictly between you and the Trusted Collection Partner.

3.1. The Vehicle Valuation will only be provided when you have received a telephone call from a Customer Service Representative from Scrap Car Comparison, after completion of our online Quote Form. The Valuation is based upon the details you provide us with regarding your vehicle.
3.2. The Offer for your Vehicle will be made by the Trusted Collection Partner, only after an inspection of your Vehicle has been carried out on-site by the Trusted Collection Partner. We do this to ensure that the Vehicle details you have given us are accurate. If it becomes clear to us that the description originally provided differs from that of the Trusted Collection Partner inspection, the sum offered will differ from the initial Valuation.
3.3. The Offer Acceptance will only be confirmed upon signature of the Vehicle Collection Agreement administered by the Trusted Collection Partner.
3.4. The right to withdraw the Offer is reserved by Scrap Car Comparison on the Trusted Collection Partner’s behalf at any time up until the Offer has been Accepted in accordance with Section 3.3 above.
3.5. A commission payment will be received by us from our Trusted Collection Partner, in respect of the arrangement of the transaction of your Vehicle.

4.1. Any data disclosed by You in consideration to the Vehicle is accurate and truthful.
4.2. You are aged 18 or over and legally competent to enter into an agreement to sell the Vehicle.
4.3. You are the only legal titleholder of the Vehicle, can and will produce proof of identity and all appropriate ownership documentation in relation to the Vehicle upon the request of Scrap Car Comparison.
4.4. There is no outstanding finance recorded against the Vehicle and no one else holds legal title to the Vehicle.
4.5. You have divulged to us any issue that a reasonable purchaser would want to be aware of, including but not limited to physical imperfections and mechanical faults.
4.6. Your Vehicle is available for inspection and collection at an accessible location (by a standard recovery vehicle) The location shall encompass ground which is solid enough to reasonably allow the recovery vehicle, which will be situated within five metres, unobstructed access to be able to load Your Vehicle which will be driven or moved by winch or overhead crane.
4.7. Your Vehicle must be free from any item deemed as dangerous, harmful to health or classed as hazardous materials. Personal belongings and any waste or refuse are not permitted to be left in the Vehicle.
4.8. The keys, log book, service history, MOT certificate, user manuals and any accessories for the Vehicle are handed over at the request of Scrap Car Comparison.

5.1. Any price for your Vehicle is based on the conditions specified within clauses 3.1 and 3.2
5.2. Payment will only be made after Acceptance of the Offer in conformity with clause 3.3

6.1. Your Vehicle will be collected between the hours of 09:00 and 17:30 UK GMT, Monday to Friday, not including public holidays.
6.2. Vehicles may be collected on a Saturday or Sunday at the discretion of Scrap Car Comparison and our Trusted Collection Partners.
7.1. Either party may terminate the contract with immediate effect by serving notice to the other party at any time up until the offer is Accepted in compliance with Section 3.3.
7.2. Should notice of termination be given, it will be provided by means of electronic mail to the parties last known e-mail address.

8.1. By conforming to the terms and conditions set out herein, you shall indemnify Us against any accountability which will include, without constraint, any losses, costs, claims, expenditures, demands, actions, damages, legal expenses and any other fees incurred or suffered as a direct consequence of your breach or non-fulfilment of the terms of this contract.
8.2. You shall further indemnify Us against any accountability which will include, without constraint, any losses, costs, claims, expenses, demands, actions, damages, legal expenses and any other fees incurred or suffered as a direct consequence of any act of negligence or misconduct by the Trusted Collection Partner.

9.1. Excluding any rights that you may hold under applicable law, any warranties, conditions and other terms inferred by statute or common law are hereby explicitly omitted from this Agreement to the fullest degree acceptable by law.
9.2. We refute any responsibility for any resulting loss arising from, or associated with, the Service provided by Us or a third party.
9.3. For the purpose of this Agreement, any ‘Resulting loss’ will be inclusive of but not restricted to (i) Pure economic loss (ii) Loss of profits (iii) Losses incurred by any third party (iv) Loss of revenue (v) Loss of goodwill and reputation (vi) Loss of opportunity.
9.4. This Agreement shall not refute any accountability for any personal injury sustained or death arising from our own wilful misconduct or negligence.

10.1. Scrap Car Comparison may gather, store and process information relating to you in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
10.2. If you require further information regarding how we gather, store and process any information relating to you, please view our Privacy Policy.

11.1. If an unforeseen event occurs leading to the disruption of the Service, we shall be released from our responsibilities under this Agreement for the period when the Services are interrupted. If in the occurrence of force majeure the fulfilment of the Service is completely prohibited on an on-going basis, then either party will be eligible to request termination of the contract.
11.2. Should there be an occurrence of force majeure any claim for damage will be explicitly excluded. Events may comprise but will not be restricted to cases of; strikes and lock-outs, natural disasters, geological changes, severe weather, war, intervention by state or authority.
11.3. In the case of a force majeure, we will immediately notify you of the details pertaining to the event and confer the suitable measures that will be taken.

12.1. You recognise and agree that all Trade Marks, Copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights in relation to our website (to include but not be limited to the design and contents of this page) are possessed by Us.
12.2. Information from Scrap Car Comparison may be accessed, downloaded or printed explicitly for your personal, non-commercial use.
12.3. You may not copy, replicate, publish, circulate, create plagiaristic works of, vend, transfer, exhibit, communicate, accumulate or amass in a database, any part of the Website without obtaining prior written consent from Us.


13.1. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 do not apply to this Agreement and no individual other than Us and You shall be entitled to any rights under it.

14.1. Should a provision or term of this Agreement be declared as illegal, invalid or nullified for any reason, such terms or requirements will be removed from this Agreement and the remainder of the Agreement shall remain in full effect.
14.2. Following the above clause 14.1, if any term or provision is removed from this Agreement which significantly changes or affects the commercial basis of this Agreement, all parties will negotiate in good faith to alter or adjust the provisions and terms of this Agreement as are essential or required in the situations.


15.1. Any assertion or disagreement resulting from or associated with this Agreement, its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disagreements or claims) will be referred to an impartial mediator and overseen by and interpreted in accordance with English law.
15.2. All parties conclusively agree that the courts of England and Wales will have sole authority in settling any dispute or entitlement that is unable to be resolved by an impartial mediator.

Questions and Queries

If you have any questions regarding these terms, please ring us on 03333 44 99 50 or send an email to info@scrapcarcomparison.co.uk

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