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Cash For Scrap IconScrap my Ford – all you need to know

Do you have a Ford car that you’d like to scrap? Don’t feel daunted by the different options – find out everything you need to know about scrapping your Ford in our blog.
We’ve covered all topics, from the reasons why you may want to scrap your Ford, all the way to the scrappage schemes and different scrapping options available to you.

Common reasons for scrapping a Ford

The decision to scrap your car can be made for a variety of reasons. Some may be based on personal circumstances while others are much more focused on the conditions and costs of your Ford.

If you’re unwilling to spend out on repairs or maintenance, are finding that your vehicle isn’t quite as fuel efficient as you’d like it to be, or have been in some kind of an accident and your car is no longer safe to drive, scrapping your Ford can be a perfect solution since it allows you to make some cash that you could then invest into a new vehicle.

Maybe you’ve recently moved to a city and can’t quite see yourself using your car as much as you used to, and you want to avoid the hassle of taking your car to the scrap yard yourself? Maybe you just need some extra cash in your pocket? Whatever your reason, scrapping your Ford could be the best solution for you.

If you’re looking to scrap your car, come to Scrap Car Comparison! We can get you quote for your vehicle in just three simple steps.

What affects my Ford scrap value?

There are a few factors that can affect the value of your Ford if you decide to scrap it. The price of the scrap Ford will predominantly be calculated by how much the vehicle weighs, but the model of the car, its age, what kind of damage it has received and the its general condition will all play a part.

If you want more information about the different factors, and how they can affect the value of your car, check out our blog on the subject here.

We’ll be looking at the effect that the model of the car can have on the scrap value later on in this blog, so read on to find out how much money your Ford model could be worth.

Ford scrap value comparison

In this section, we will look at the different Ford models and how their scrap value measures up against each other. Since the prices of scrap vehicles fluctuate due to market changes, we will be displaying the possible amounts in percentages; these percentages reflect how much that model would fetch if scrapped, when compared to the average price of Ford vehicles being scrapped.

For example, if the average price of a Ford being scrapped was £100, then a Ford model that would be worth 60% when scrapped would potentially be worth around £60.

Model % of Ford Price
Ford Cougar 89%
Ford Courier 85%
Ford Dorchester Auto 180%
Ford Escort 82%
Ford Fiesta 89%
Ford Focus 103%
Ford Fusion 104%
Ford Galaxy 142%
Ford Ka 78%
Ford Maverick 144%
Ford Mondeo 129%
Ford Motor Home 95%
Ford Probe 85%
Ford Puma 95%
Ford Streetka 109%
Ford Transit 124%

*All data recorded between Nov 2018 and Apr 2019

According to the data listed, the Ford car model that would make the most money for its owner when scrapped with Scrap Car Comparison, is the Ford Dorchester Auto which, if we used the example figure of £100 as average from above, would be worth £180 when sold for scrap. The Ford Dorchester is a rare and very heavy limousine, hence the it tops the chart as the most valuable Ford to scrap.

Of all the models listed above, the most popular Ford model being scrapped at Scrap Car Comparison scrap yards was the Ford Focus, followed by the Ford Fiesta, with the Ford Ka coming in third. Of those three cars, the car model that would be worth most on average when scrapped would be the Ford Focus.

Most popular colour for a scrap Ford

The most popular colour of Ford car being scrapped was silver, closely followed by blue and black. Here are the top 8 most popular colours for Ford vehicles scrapped.

  1. Silver – 27%
  2. Blue – 24.5%
  3. Black – 15.5%
  4. Red – 10%
  5. Green – 7.5%
  6. White – 6.5%
  7. Grey – 5%
  8. Other – 4%

My Ford is too good to scrap – what now?

Even if your Ford car is too good to be scrapped, there’s no reason why we can’t still take it off your hands at Scrap Car Comparison. We’ll still give you a quote, hand-picked from our network of scrap and salvage buyers, and offer you the same service as we would if your car was getting scrapped.

You’ll find the process hassle-free and you’ll still be able to get rid of your old car, without wasting any time or effort selling your old Ford vehicle or having to buy a new car in exchange.

Ford scrappage scheme

Although it’s no longer running, Ford was involved in a car scrappage scheme that saw over 17,000 cars scrapped, thanks to incentives of between £2,000 and £7,000 offered to Ford owners to help them replace their old Ford vehicles with new ones.

“The difficulty with emissions is that they rarely excite people – but the scrappage scheme engages their interest in a way that is very appealing,” said Ford UK boss Andy Barratt. “The scheme for us has been a huge success in terms of sales, and has made a meaningful difference in taking older, higher polluting cars off the road.”

As we’ve said, the Ford scrappage scheme is no longer running, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still an incentive to scrapping your old Ford car. At Scrap Car Comparison, we’ll make sure you get the best price for your car, so you can put that money towards whatever you wish, whether that’s a new car or something else.

Scrappage vs scrapping – what’s best for your car?

The main difference between scrappage schemes and scrapping your Ford car through a buyer or Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), such as Scrap Car Comparison, is what the conditions are for receiving your money.

With a scrappage scheme, you won’t know how much your Ford vehicle could be worth until you take it to the dealership for evaluation. In most cases, you’ll also have to trade in your car and part of the deal is that you use the money you receive to buy a new car from Ford too.

On the other hand, scrapping your car through a service like Scrap Car Comparison means that not only will you receive an instant quote price for your Ford by using our handy quote tool, you’ll also be able to have your scrap Ford collected and scrapped completely hassle-free, and the money you’ll receive can go towards whatever you wish.

Don’t have a Ford to scrap? Find out your scrap vehicle make and model value.

If you’re looking to scrap your Ford, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We can help you find the best price for your car, sourced through our trusted and certified network of buyers, and get it scrapped without issue.

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