Scrap Yards and ATFs

We’re proud to work with the best scrap yards across the country to deliver the best prices and exceptional service to our customers. With 100% coverage across the United Kingdom we compare prices from multiple scrap yards for every scrap car quote we provide.

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Finding suitable buyers for your scrap car can be a bit of a minefield. Different locations, vehicles and companies can all affect what monetary value will be attributed to your car.

And whilst occasionally the best prices are offered when you go directly to a scrap yard, this isn’t always the case, and the time spent contacting each individual yard can be an inefficient use of your time.

Which is why we put together Scrap Car Comparison; a comprehensive network of the most trusted and approved scrap yards spanning across the UK.

Trusted buyer certificate ribbon

All of the scrap yards in our network are at least Trusted buyers, giving you peace of mind when scrapping your vehicle with us. We’ve checked their credentials to ensure price satisfaction and strong consumer protection.

Company Background Check: This means that we have looked into how long the company has been trading for, their trade references and the systems which they have in place to deal with vehicle collections.

In-depth Questionnaire: This means that we have all information regarding their company activities and the services which they provide so that we can ensure we match our customers with the most suitable buyers.

Contact Verification: This means that we have all of the relevant information about their company, such as payment methods, collection times and their site address, and various points of contact have been taken and verified so that we can always get hold of them on behalf of our users.

Licenses Checked: As an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), their registered number is recorded and checked along with their Waste Carriers and Scrap Metal Dealers licences.

Certified buyer certificate ribbon

Certified buyers are the scrap car buyers we regard the highest. These scrap buyers have passed the above ‘Trusted’ vetting process and gone through more stringent checks.

95% Positive Feedback: This means that we have looked into the reviews left by their customers and followed up on any negative feedback to see if the issue was followed up upon and resolved, and whether any actions were put in place to prevent recurrence.

Site Visited and Inspection Made: All certified buyers have been visited by a member of the Scrap Car Comparison team on their site to check that correct practices are followed regarding payments and customer contact.

Service Level Agreements: This means that each of our certified buyers have had their collections monitored for 6 months to ensure that they adhere to the targets and customer response times set out in our initial agreement.

Scrap yards and ATFs explained

An ATF, or Authorised Treatment Facility, is a government approved scrap yard that follows a specific set of rules and regulations in relation to the dismantling and disposal of scrap cars. Any car scrap yard, breaker’s yard or vehicle dismantler who has proven they follow strict rules set out by the Environmental Agency (EA) when it comes to end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).

We only work with government approved ATFs, giving you better protection and more certainty when scrapping your car.

Scrap yards near you

Outline of UK with scrap yard location markers on it

Our nationwide network makes finding a buyer for your scrap car incredibly easy. That’s because we cover every area in the UK which means we can find a company to purchase your vehicle regardless of your location.

When you get a scrap car quote online with us we’ll show you the top offers from scrap yards close to you. There’s no hidden fees or additional costs, just simple time saving bids for your car.

And we can do all of this whilst offering you the most competitive scrap car prices in the market. A fact we’re so sure of, we guarantee all of our quotes.

Making the scrap car process quick and easy

Using our scrap yards

✅ Instant quotes in just 30 seconds
✅ Multiple offers from scrap yards near you
✅ All car and van makes and models accepted
✅ No negotiations or hidden fees ever
✅ Free collection from where you are
✅ Trusted and certified buyers only
✅ Help with DVLA paperwork and next steps
✅ Thousands of happy customer comments

Doing it yourself

❌ Phone up all of your local scrap yards
❌ Ambiguous pricing and unknown fees
❌ Collection fee usually on top of offer
❌ No guarantee of service level
❌ Little visibility on next steps
❌ Lack of customer reviews & feedback

Scrap Yard frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will scrap yards pay me in cash?

Be wary of any scrap yards that pays you cash in hand – this has been an illegal practice since 2013. When you get a quote with us, we guarantee your price based on the accuracy of the details you’ve provided. You can get cash for your scrap car but we make the cash payment to you via a secure BACS transfer on the same day your car is collected. The money will hit your bank account before the end of the day, and it’s always the price we quoted at the time of booking.

How fast can scrap yards collect my car?

Since we always include free collection across the UK, most customers want their vehicles removed quickly and payment made promptly. Scrap yards will try and collect your car at the earliest possible time. However this can be dependent on the availability of the car transporter vehicles, their distance to you and seasonal peaks in demand. Our customer support team (available 7 days a week) will always try and give you an accurate estimate for when your scrap car will be collected.

How do we work with scrap yards?

Here at Scrap Car Comparison, we have whittled down the exhaustive list of ATFs to only the very best, and we’re here to do all the legwork of getting your car to the nearest yard as soon as possible. Following conversations with yourself, we will then pass on the details of your vehicle to our trusted and respected buyer, and once an agreed collection date is set in stone, they will come out to you, make their collection and transfer payment to you, always on the same day.

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