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How to Scrap a Car Without the V5C Logbook

Just because you don’t have a logbook doesn’t mean scrapping your car is impossible, it just requires a little more work. Let Scrap Car Comparison guide you through how to make sure you’re still getting the very best price despite not having your car’s paperwork.

What is a V5C Log Book?

The V5C is a logbook designed to track the registration and taxation history of any vehicle, and is required by the DVLA when you buy or sell your car. When you first buy the car, your details will be entered into the log book to prove ownership, and if you then go on to sell it, you’ll use the log book to pass ownership over to the buyer.

You can learn more about the V5C document with our guide.

Why might you not have your V5

V5s are a physical logbook, which means they can easily be lost, damaged or even destroyed if you’re careless enough. You should never buy a car that doesn’t have any papers as there is no way to guarantee the legality of the purchase you are making, and if the dealer you’re buying from cannot produce one, or isn’t prepared to get one, walk away fast.

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Problems scrapping a vehicle without the V5

It is still possible to scrap a car if you don’t have the papers to hand, but it does make things a little trickier, especially when you’re trying to avoid the dreaded “dodgy dealer”. Failing to inform the DVLA of a car being scrapped means you will be still classed as the registered keeper. As a result, any future motoring or environmental penalties would still land on your doorstep as the DVLA would know no better. For this reason, scrapping with a V5C is the only way you can be sure you’re 100% protected from any legal headaches throughout the process.

What if the Scrap Dealer Still Asks for a V5C Log Book?

It may be that some scrap dealers still prefer to work with the V5C log book. The most important thing is that you can prove who you are and your connection to the vehicle. So, photo ID and some kind of utility bill is essential. We explain more about why ID is so important when scrapping your car in this guide.

We highly recommend informing the scrap dealer that you don’t have a V5C document when you’re arranging the collection, so you can avoid any difficulties or additional charges when they’re picking up your car.

Can I Replace My V5C Log Book?

If you’d still prefer to complete the actual V5C document when scrapping your car, but you can’t find your own copy, you’ll need to order a replacement. This costs £25 and can be ordered through the website.

Do I need to apply for a new V5 to scrap my car?

No, you don’t need to have a new V5 if you’re scrapping your car, but bear in mind that the vast majority of the time you’re not the one actually scrapping the car. Almost all instances of someone ‘scrapping their car’ is actually a case of selling their car for scrap. With this in mind, yes, you will need to get a new V5 as any authorised, or downright sensible, business owner will not go through with a sale without one.

How To Order a New Logbook

Ordering a new logbook couldn’t be easier, providing the details remain the same – simply contact the DVLA and they’ll send a new one to you. This service isn’t free, however, and will cost you £25.

Change Details On A V5C logbook

If you need to change any details on your logbook – such as your address or name, or if you have made any major modifications to your car, then this can be done quite simply, again, on the DVLA website. Unlike ordering a new registration document, simply changing the details is free to do and is well worth doing – failing to keep your papers up to date could land you a £1,000 fine.

What Other Documentation Do I Need to Scrap My Car? 

The most important piece of documentation you’ll be legally required to provide when scrapping your car is photo ID, which, when combined with a utility bill, will help prove that you are who you say you are (in accordance with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013).

Find out what documents you need to scrap your car here.

Inform the DVLA that the vehicle has been scrapped

When you scrap your car you’ll need to make sure that the DVLA is aware that the car has been removed from the roads. Failing to do so means that if, for whatever reason, it ends up being returned to the road, you’ll still be registered as its owner and could end up with any potential penalties the “new” car racks up. Once you’ve given your car to the Authorised Treatment Facility, all you need to do is contact the DVLA with the reference number from your latest V5C and destroy the logbook – unless you’ve given it to the ATF, of course.

Find out how to notify the DVLA, and why you should, when you scrap your car

How to scrap a car not in your name

Scrapping a car that isn’t in your name isn’t easy, but it’s certainly doable – you just need to have a few extra documents to hand to be able to do so. For starters, you have to be able to prove that you have the permission to do so, as well as all of the other documents regularly required. You’ll need the vehicle owner’s ID, proof of their address, the V5C (already signed by them) and a signed letter explaining that you have permission to scrap their car.

If you need to scrap a car that’s not in your name, we’ve got more details here


Will my local scrapyard think I’ve stolen the car?

No – losing log books is a lot more common than you might think, so a scrapyard isn’t going to just naturally assume you’re a crook. Providing you’re honest from the outset and don’t act in a shady way, then you should be fine.

Can you tax a car without a V5 document?

If you have received your V11 tax reminder letter, then the reference code on this document will be enough to tax your vehicle without having to find your V5. However, if you don’t have your V11 to hand, then you’ll need to find your registration document, and if you can’t, you’ll need to apply for a new logbook.

Do I Need A Log Book To Scrap Caravan?

Caravans are not like cars in that they are not registered with the DVLA, so no, you will not need a logbook to scrap a caravan – predominantly because you’re unlikely to have one anyway. You can voluntarily register your caravan with the Caravan Registration and information Scheme (CRiS), but this is not a legal requirement, although some insurers may require you to register. Registration costs £20.95 as a one-off, lifetime fee.

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