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How Do I Notify DVLA Of Scrapping My Car Online?

If your vehicle has been written off or scrapped then you’ll need to make sure the DVLA knows that you no longer own the car. This guide will walk you through how to let the authorities know your car has been scrapped – and why it’s important, too.

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Notifying the DVLA Online

We recommend notifying the the DVLA via the online portal online portal because it is the quickest and simplest way. All you need is the 11-digit number from the latest vehicle log book (V5C) and the name of the scrapyard or insurer you’ve sold the car to.

Once you’ve provided the details of the trader and your V5C reference, you then need to destroy the old log book. From there you’ll receive an instant email before a physical letter confirming you no longer are registered to the car (plus a refund for any full months’ worth of tax left).

Is It Important to Notify Them?

It’s actually really important because it protects you from future penalties landing on your doorstep for a car you no longer own. If you don’t let the DVLA know that the car is no longer in your possession, then it will have no way of knowing that you are no longer responsible for the car, so if it does end up back on the road, you could be liable should it be found in any illegal situations – whether just parked or driving around.

Do I need to sign my V5 if I’m scrapping my car?

Much like any sale or any time you need to transfer the ownership of your car, you will need to sign the Section 9 of your log book, complete with date of transfer and the details of who you are transferring the car across to. You’ll also need to get the new owner to sign the slip as well.

Read More: A complete guide to filling the V5C document.

That’s it! You’ve now now notified the DVLA that you’ve scrapped your old car. If you don’t have the V5C log book, if you want to send it in by post, or you want advice on additional steps – keep reading!

Notifying the DVLA by post

If the internet isn’t your bag, then you can still do things the old fashioned way and send a letter. To do this, you’ll need to get the scrapyard to fill out the “sell, transfer or part-exchange your vehicle to the motor trade” and then send this section to the DVLA.

Notifying the DVLA without a V5 logbook

If you haven’t got your logbook you can still inform the DVLA, but you must write to them. You’ll need to provide:

  • Full name and address
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Exact date your vehicle was sold/transferred
  • The name and address of the company/scrap yard you sold your car to
Read More: End to end guide to scrapping a car without your VC5 log book

Do I need to SORN my car before I scrap it?

If you intend on just scrapping your car as it is, then no, there is no need to SORN it beforehand. However, if you plan on removing any parts at all before you send it off for scrap, then you will need to SORN it first. 

Do I need a Certificate of Destruction to scrap my car?

The CoD (Certificate of Destruction) will be produced after the ATF has begun the scrapping process, so it is unlikely you’ll have this certificate when you are informing the DVLA. Additionally, you will only receive the CoD if you request it from the ATF, as the DVLA will send it to them (the official registered keeper of the vehicle by this point) rather than you.

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

A Certificate of Destruction (COD) is the official, formal, document confirming that your car has been scrapped. Only Authorised Treatment Facilities are able to issue a Certificate of Destruction, which must be completed through the DVLA system. 

Some scrupulous merchants may try to create their own version of a Certificate of Destruction based off the template, but to do so is an offence, as is forging any DVLA document. The telltale sign is these will often be slightly misnamed, such as “Certificate of Disposal” or “Confirmation of Destruction”.

What do you do after notifying the DVLA?

Will I get confirmation from the DVLA?

If you’ve informed the DVLA of your car being scrapped online, and provided an email address, then you’ll receive email confirmation there and then, followed by a letter in the post so you have a physical copy in writing. If you notify via post, or don’t provide an email address, then you will only receive the letter.

How can I be sure the DVLA knows I’ve scrapped my car?

If you haven’t received any confirmation from the DVLA that it has received your notification within four weeks of your initial contact, then your best bet is to give them a call to be sure that it has gone through and to make sure your car has been correctly put through the system.

How to Check If My Car Has Been Scrapped

There is no way to check if a car has been scrapped directly from the DVLA itself, but you can check this by completing an HPI check. HPI is the leading service for this type of information, and uses the DVLA database, along with information from the police, finance companies and other industry specialists to provide the most detailed history on any car – including whether it has been scrapped, clocked, or has any hidden issues in its past.

Read More: How to find out if your car has been scrapped.

How do I reclaim unused tax when I scrap a car?

This is done automatically for you by the DVLA, and only works if you pay for your tax up front. You are entitled to a refund on any full months remaining on your tax. Even if you’re one day into a month, that month will not form part of your refund. So, if you scrap your car and you’re four and a half months into the year, having paid for the full 12 months, then you’ll receive seven months’ worth back as a refund. If you pay via direct debit, this will simply stop being paid and you won’t receive any sort of refund.

Read More: How to reclaim your tax and insurance after scrapping a car.

Details of scrapping your car

A crushed car being lifted on to pile of other crushed cars in scrap yard

What documents do you need to scrap your car?

You’ll need to ensure that you get your paperwork in hand to scrap your car, and remember that often a full complement of papers, including the logbook and any service history and/or receipts can help to give a much more accurate quote. You’ll also need personal identification and in some cases you’ll need a Certificate of Destruction.

Read more about the documents you need to scrap your car here.

Scrap your car without keeping any parts

If you don’t want to keep any part of your old car, then scrapping it will be a very quick and very simple process. Scrapping in full means that all you need to do is arrange a collection and fill out the relevant part of the V5C, or complete it all online, as above, and everything will be sorted before you know it.

Scrap your vehicle and keep parts from it

If you’re looking to scrap your vehicle but keep some parts – maybe there’s another car your looking to repair and your current non-runner could be the perfect donor, or perhaps you’ve got a buyer for your old engine, gearbox or other high-value component – then you’ll need to make sure you SORN the car before you go through the scrapping process.

Can I keep my private plate when I scrap my car?

You absolutely can, but you’ll have to pay for the privilege to do so. You will need to fill out a V778 Retention Document, after which you’ll be sent a new V5C for your car. It is crucial that you have both the V778 and the new document before you scrap your car. Read more about keeping your plates after scrapping here.

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