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Trawling around scrap yards trying to locate the best deal for a vehicle is a time consuming task, and often one which people don’t have time to continuously pursue. Which is why we decided to make the process a whole lot simpler for people looking to sell their van for scrap or salvage, by creating a nationwide network of the most trusted local buyers, commercial van breakers and Authorised Treatment Facilities.

Get an instant online quote to scrap your van. All you need to do is enter your reg number and your postcode and we’ll compare traders in your local area for you.

All of the companies which are accessible through our network have spent years in the industry, and have an abundance of knowledge and expertise in both buying, and recovering, damaged or broken vans. Our high standards and easy to use platform mean that, together with our buyers, we have created a service where the only thing our users need to do is provide us their van’s details, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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We have hundreds of buyers across the UK that want to buy your scrap van, no matter what condition it’s in.

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Our buyers never negotiate on collection, the price your offered online is the price you’re paid on the day.

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All of our buyers offer free collection for your van, there are no hidden fee’s or charges to catch you off guard.

Scrap My VanHow To Scrap Your Van

The process for scrapping a van isn’t all that different from the process of scrapping a car. In order for us to generate a quote for your van, we first require your van’s details. This can be done by either calling one of our advisors on 03333 44 99 50, or by completing the form at the top of this page. We require your postcode in order to see which buyers we have available and operating in your area, and your registration number enables us to identify the make and model of your van and what type it is. For example; whether it’s a panel van, window van or temperature-controlled van.

After you have entered your registration number and postcode another screen will appear asking for further information regarding your vehicle. This will include questions regarding the mileage, interior and general condition of your van, such as whether it is a non-runner or MOT failure, together with whether you have any additional extras such as alloy wheels. By providing this information our buyers will be able to evaluate the vehicle and assess whether your vehicle is suitable as a salvage purchase, or whether it is more suitable for scrap.

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Scrap Vs SalvageScrap Vs Salvage: Knowing The Difference

Our network represents buyers for both scrap and salvage, so no matter how wrecked you feel your vehicle may be, we will be able to find a buyer and ensure that you get paid for your vehicle! The differences between whether a vehicle will be bought for scrap or for salvage is dependant on an array of features, however can be narrowed down to; a vehicle’s age, condition and whether the vehicle is sought after. For example; Volkswagen Transporters are a particularly popular work van and so parts for these vehicles are always appreciated in the salvage market, regardless of whether the vehicle has failed it’s MOT, has been crash damaged or written off by an insurance company.

Many people try salvaging vehicles and repairing them themselves however, this isn’t always the most cost, or time, effective option. For those who do not work in the industry the time and expense spent in sourcing parts for vehicles can be costly, and that’s before labour is factored into the equation. Whereas if a vehicle is sold to somebody who specialises in fixing vehicles and returning them to having a roadworthy status, it will be much more beneficial for them because they have access to trade discounts and the space and equipment required to repair a vehicle. Vehicle’s which have not been repaired by specialists are often difficult to resell as the quality of the repairs, and the parts used, cannot be guaranteed.

If a van is older, typically more than fifteen years, and the vehicle is more expensive to fix than the van’s overall worth, then the vehicle will not be suitable for salvage and will be referred to as an ‘end-of-life’ van. There are instances where much older vehicles are suitable for salvage, however this is usually reserved for classic or collectable vans and not the majority. In instances where a van has reached the end of it’s life, the vehicle will go through a depollution process and be recycled by an Authorised Treatment Facility in line with governmental guidelines.

When entering your van’s details in the aforementioned section please ensure that the information is filled out as accurately as possible, as the details provided will be used by our buyers to determine how much they are willing to pay for your van. This information will also guide them to knowing which equipment your vehicle will need when being collected. For example; vehicles without wheels or inflated tyres, will require a different recovery approach to a vehicle which is say, crash damaged, and can be driven onto the recovery vehicle with ease. Because our buyers specialise in the industry they have recovery vehicles suitable for every type of van, so regardless of the damage your vehicle has faced, we can recover it for you.

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Receiving PaymentReceiving Payment For Your Van

Getting the best price for your van is a simple process when using either our online service, or when calling our team directly. Our buyer’s prices are calculated by personal demand, for example; if there is a vehicle they particularly want and are willing to pay a premium for, and the worth of a van based on the scrap metal market’s value. Prices in the scrap metal market are calculated based on a van’s weight, usually per ton, and the value of a van can rise and fall depending which way the market sways. We guarantee all of our quotes which means that, regardless of any market fluctuations, the price which you have been quoted is the price that you will receive, guaranteed.

The only exceptions to this are where a van has not been accurately represented. For example; if you advise us that your vehicle has crash damage and a failed MOT but still has wheels and the engine runs fine, and our buyers arrive on the day of collection to discover that what you stated isn’t true, they can change their price to represent the true value of the vehicle. Our buyers purchase vehicles regardless of their condition, so it’s important that the information provided to us is always accurate and truthful so that we can ensure the price given reflects this and avoids any confusion on the day of collection.

All vehicles purchased by our buyers will be paid for on the day of the vehicle’s collection and will not be paid for in cash, as payments made in cash for scrap vehicles are illegal. Cash payments made in return of scrap vehicles were banned in October 2013 when the Scrap Metal Dealers Act was bought in as a way to combat theft and rogue traders who were selling stolen materials. In order to ensure accountability in the industry the ‘no cash money as payment’ rule, was bought in and enforced to ensure that payments for scrap metal were always traceable. Because of this all of the buyers who are represented by our service make payments for vans by either instant bank transfer or cheque.

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What NextWhat To Do Next

Once you have agreed a price for your van with one of our buyers, they will be in touch to arrange the collection of your vehicle. Some buyers do offer the option for vehicles to be dropped off to them, and often pay more for this, however it varies per individual buyer. If this is something you are interested in doing be sure to mention this when speaking with one of our advisors. All of our buyers operate with free collections which will be booked in on a date and time which is suitable for both you, and the buyer. Unfortunately exact collection times cannot be given due to the nature of vehicle recovery, however you will be given a time duration which outlines at what point in the day the buyer will be there to retrieve your vehicle.

Once the collection date for your van is booked in it’s advisable to ensure that everything is in place ready for the collection. There are a few things you can do which will help the process run smoothly.

Get Your Paperwork Ready

Any documentation regarding the vehicle should be given to the driver on the day of collection. This includes; the V5c, any manuals, service history and receipts.

Clear Out Your Van

Whether under the seats or in the side of the door, many people place items in their van only to forget about them until months later. You will be unable to get any forgotten items returned to you so it’s important that all belongings are cleared from the vehicle, prior to collection, in addition to any rubbish. Buyers don’t expect a vehicle to be waxed and polished for collection, however they can refuse to take a vehicle if the interior is filled with household waste.

Ensure That There Is Clear Access To Your Vehicle

Recovery vehicles are longer than your average vehicle and so you’ll need to ensure that your van is situated somewhere where there is adequate room for the recovery vehicle to manoeuvre.

If you would like a no-obligation free quote simply add your details to the form at the top of this page to see what our buyers are offering for your vehicle! Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a person you can call our team on 03333 44 99 50.