Sell My Vehicle For Salvage

A salvage vehicle is a car or van which has previously been subjected to a certain level of damage. Salvage vehicles, whether they were written off or just knocked about, will either have their broken parts replaced so they can get back on the road themselves, or will become donors to help fix other vehicles. A salvage car will also fall into one of four categories (A, B, S or N), depending on the level of damage that it has sustained.

FAQs IconHow is Salvage Value Calculated?

The value of a salvage vehicle will be based on a few different factors. Firstly, the make and model will give you an initial idea of what the vehicle could be worth. However, you need to take into account how old the vehicle is, and what condition the vehicle is in. By considering these factors, you will be able to determine whether you could get more money by selling it for salvage, or if it’s too badly damaged for you. Our Car Depreciation guide gives more information on the different features that could affect the price of your car. Other factors you may want to consider include the fluctuating scrap metal market (how much scrap metal is worth) and the time of year you are trying to sell.

MOT tester checking a vehicle

FAQs IconHow Does a Salvage Title Work?

Salvage vehicles fall into different categories depending on the type of damage the vehicle has sustained. The categories are A, B, S and N. Read below what each category means:

Category A IconCategory A – Scrap

The vehicle cannot be repaired. The entire vehicle has to be crushed.

Category B IconCategory B – Break

The vehicle cannot be repaired. The body shell has to be crushed, but you can salvage other parts from it.

Category C IconCategory S – Structural

The vehicle can be repaired following structural damage.

Category D IconCategory N – Non-Structural

The vehicle can be repaired following non-structural damage.

Read more on the categories and what it means if your vehicle is written off.

FAQsCan a Salvage Title be Removed?

Once a car or van has been given a salvage title, this will permanently remain on the vehicle’s record, and cannot be removed. The title gives mechanics and potential buyers an accurate idea of the vehicle’s history and current condition.

FAQs IconCan the Salvage Value of a Vehicle be Zero?

It is very unlikely a vehicle will have no salvage value at all, but in certain cases this could happen. Typically, even if your vehicle has been severely damaged or is a non-runner, there will usually be value within the vehicle’s parts, such as the engine, catalytic converter and wheels, tyres and rims.

Paying for MOT FailuresCan Salvage Vehicles be Insured?

Depending on the title, yes – you can insure a salvage vehicle. Categories S and N can be repaired and then insured before returning to the road. However it may take you longer to find the best quote, though, and many insurers may only provide limited cover. Categories A and B are deemed irreparable and can never return to the road.

MOT Failure Being Recorded

FAQs IconCan Salvage Vehicles be Financed?

To put it simply, yes. Salvage title vehicles can be financed, however it may be more challenging than financing a vehicle with no title. This is because of the risks associated with the vehicle. Even though it may have been repaired, restored and in good working order, the vehicle will ultimately still carry risks.

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