Common Vehicle Related Questions

Selling your vehicle for scrap or salvage vehicle can leave you with many questions, such as whether you can take the car stereo out, which options affect the value, or what happens to your vehicle once it’s sold and we’ve answered as many as we could think of below! If you can’t find the answer to your specific questions then please do get in contact so that one of our advisors can assist!

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Frequently Asked Vehicle Questions

Can You Collect Vehicles With No Wheels?

Many of our buyers can collect vehicles without wheels, however it does require a certain type of recovery vehicle. At the initial stage of the quote process when you enter your vehicle’s details, please ensure that you include all information regarding the car, including that it does not have wheels, so that we can ensure the buyer of your vehicle has the required recovery equipment.

Do You Buy Alloy Wheels?

Many of the buyers on our network purchase vehicles with alloy wheels for both scrap and salvage purposes.

I Don’t Have The Keys For My Car?

That’s ok, however if you don’t have the vehicle’s car keys please ensure that you let us know at the initial quote stage so that we can ensure the buyers we find for you have the correct recovery equipment to retrieve your vehicle.

My Car Is Still At The Garage

No worries at all. Our buyers can collect from almost anywhere as long as the location where the vehicle is located is accessible for a recovery vehicle.

My Car Is In Poor Condition

That’s ok. Our comparison service searches nationwide to find the best price for your vehicle no matter what the vehicle’s condition. It doesn’t even need to start or run at all! Simply fill out the above form, making sure you include all of the information regarding your vehicle, and we’ll search our nationwide network to find the most suitable buyer for you!

Can I Remove The Car Stereo?

Yes, you can. However please ensure that either the original stereo is put back in or your details reflect that the vehicle’s stereo system has been removed.

I Have Taken Parts Off My Vehicle

Removing parts off your vehicle may significantly affect the price in which you are quoted as it means your car may only be suitable for scrap, and not salvage purposes. However your vehicle will still be worth something. In order to find out what the value of your vehicle is simply fill out the above form with your vehicle’s details and we will search our nationwide network of buyers for you to find the most suitable buyer and price for you.

What Is An OEM Catalytic Converter?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and simply refers to any part made by the vehicle manufacturer for your vehicle, as opposed to one produced by a third-party company. Since catalytic converters are incredibly valuable parts, OEM ‘cats’ are guaranteed to be made from the highest-grade materials in line with the manufacturer’s high quality standards. Non-OEM catalytic converters could be of a lower quality.

I Have A Vehicle That’s Not Registered In The UK, Can I Scrap It?

Yes, you can scrap vehicles which are not registered in the UK. You cannot, however, sell them for salvage. When selling a vehicle for scrap which is not registered in the UK, you will need to notify the governing body in the country the vehicle is registered to. You will also need to send them the equivalent of your vehicle’s registration details and certain countries may also require the number plates however when you contact the governing body in the country it is registered to, they should be able to tell you exactly what is required.

Can I Scrap An Abandoned Vehicle?

Yes, however there are various steps that must be taken before getting in contact with us for a quote for the vehicle.

Abandoned vehicles can be complicated as if there is no tax then it’s the DVLA’s responsibility to remove the vehicle whereas if there’s no insurance then responsibility falls onto the police. If the vehicle is just a bit of an eyesore then the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 will cover this and give local authorities the power to remove and dispose of the vehicle.

If you are looking to claim a car so that you can scrap it yourself, you will need to contact the police to see if anybody has reported the vehicle as being stolen. You will also need to contact your local council if you feel like the vehicle may have been abandoned. Once this is done leave a visible note on the vehicle advising that it will be removed in the next 3-4 weeks if nobody gets in contact, or the vehicle is not moved from its current location.

If nobody gets in contact after the aforementioned timeframe has passed you’ve received permission to do so from the relevant authorities and the vehicle is still there you can contact us and we’ll arrange for somebody to collect the vehicle.

Do You Buy Commercial Vehicles?

The buyers on our network buy all sorts of vehicles in all sorts of conditions. If there’s a particular type of vehicle you’re interested in selling either fill out the above quotation form or call 03333 44 99 50 to speak to one of our dedicated customer service advisors.

Do You Buy Unusual Vehicles?

We will buy all kinds of vehicles, including: minibuses, lorries, trucks, heavily modified vehicles, vehicles transporters, military surplus vehicles, specialist equipment vehicles, medical & ex-police vehicles, plant machinery vehicles and specialist vans.

Are There Any Vehicles You Don’t Buy?

Not usually as we have compiled a nationwide network of buyers who specialise in purchasing both scrap and salvageable vehicles. If you’re at all concerned about your vehicle, or the price you may receive for it, simply fill out the above form for an instant no obligation quote.

What Happens To My Car?

Once you have accepted a quote for your vehicle the buyer will contact you to arrange the collection of your vehicle. What happens once your vehicle is collected will depend on the reason why the vehicle was bought. The vehicle may have been purchased to be dismantled and scrapped at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), or it may have been bought for salvageable parts; in which case parts of your car will be taken apart and fixed, or used to return another vehicle to the road.

My Vehicle Still Has A Lot Of Fuel Left In It

Our buyers have to assume that any fuel left in a vehicle may be contaminated and so all fuel will be removed during the depollution process, but this will not affect the purchase price given. We advise against removing fuel yourself due to the health and safety risks of handling flammable liquids.

Does My Vehicle Need To Be Complete?

No, however your quotation will need to reflect the current condition of the vehicle. Our buyers purchase vehicles in all types of conditions and so if you have taken any parts off, or out of, the vehicle we’ll still be able to find a buyer for your vehicle. Please ensure that if your vehicle is not complete, that it is specified when entering your vehicle’s details for a quote, to ensure that the quote is representative of the vehicle in its current condition.

Do You Buy Insurance Write-Offs?

Yes. Our network of buyers spans nationwide and consists of specialist buyers for both scrap and salvage vehicles. So regardless of the condition of your vehicle, if you are selling a Cat N car or a Cat S car we’ll be able to find somebody interested in purchasing it. Read more in our Buy Back Hub.

Do You Buy High-End Vehicles?

Yes. Our buyers specialise in purchasing vehicles for both scrap and salvage purposes regardless of the make, model or condition. If you’d like to retrieve a quote for your vehicle simply add your details to the quote form above for a free instant, no obligation, quote.

What If I Miss Something When Describing My Vehicle?

Please let us know as soon as possible. All quotes are generated based on the information provided at the time the quote was generated and so if something was missed we will need to know as soon as possible as it may affect the price which you were quoted.

Does My Car Need To Have A Valid Insurance Policy?

No. All of our buyers use professional recovery vehicles and so no tax, insurance or MOT is required for them to retrieve your vehicle. Please be aware that if your vehicle is parked on a public road, it will need to be insured up to the day of collection. If you would like your vehicle removed of safely and legally, the buyers on our network can arrange this for you whilst you get paid in the process! To find more, read our dedicated blog on scrapping your vehicle without insurance.

Does My Car Need To Be Clean?

Yes and no. The buyers on our network do not expect your vehicle to be cleaned, waxed and polished but they do expect all rubbish in the interior of your vehicle to be removed.

Does It Matter If I Do Not Have Any Service History?

No. Any service history is appreciated however it is not a requirement. If you do not have any service history for the vehicle please ensure that we are aware during the quote process

I Want To Scrap My Car But Have Personalised Number Plates Which I Want To Keep

If you have personalised plates on your vehicle you can absolutely still keep them, however you will need to transfer the vehicle registration number over to another vehicle or onto a Retention Document, before the vehicle is taken to an ATF to be scrapped. If this is not done and the vehicle is destroyed then the vehicle registration number will be destroyed and you will be unable to use it on another vehicle. To transfer or retain ownership of the vehicle’s registration number you will need to apply at your closest local DVLA office.

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