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Can I Scrap a Car Without the Stereo?

Parting with your vehicle can be a sad time. In the same way we cherish pets, petrolheads often consider their car to be part of the family. When the time comes and your pride and joy departs for the scrapyard, you may want to keep hold of a memento to remember it by.

We’re sure that you’d love to hear the roar of the engine one last time, but when the dulcet tones of combustion in action aren’t available, the stereo could provide some audible comfort.
But will removing the stereo stop you profiting from the demise of your car? Scrap Car Comparison is on hand to answer this question, and any other query you may have about the car scrapping process.

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Can You Scrap an Incomplete Car?

Absolutely – you can scrap a car in any condition, no matter how much of it remains intact. What you should be prepared for, however, is a reduced price for your vehicle if it is missing any key components. Simply put, the less of a car it is, the less you’re going to get for it.

What Do You Need To Scrap a Car?

All you need to be able to scrap your car is your keys, the V5C and photo ID. In fact, you don’t always need the keys, either – although it’s worth remembering that while not impossible, it will make the process a little bit trickier. If that is the case, then your V5C and photo ID are all the more important, as these will prove that you are in fact the registered keeper of the vehicle and therefore are legally able to sell the car as scrap or otherwise.

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Can I Scrap a Car Without the Stereo?

You might be thinking that lacking a stereo won’t prevent your buyer’s collection team from loading the car onto the pickup vehicle, and in essence, you’re correct. There are a few caveats, however, which will be explained further down the page.

Removing parts from your vehicle won’t prevent you from selling it for scrap or salvage, as our buyers will always try to work with any scrapping request. That being said, if you remove parts, be prepared to see this reflected in your quoted prices.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you include the stereo if you still have it and are willing to part with the device. If you can’t reinstall it for whatever reason, leave it in the car where it’s visible and the buyers will take care of it once they’ve collected your car.

I’ve Fitted a New Sound System To My Car, Can I Keep It?

So, you’ve switched out the original stereo and it’s likely already been sold for peanuts at your local car boot sale or sunk to the bottom of that box of random electronics cluttering up your spare room. Your current sound system is a vast improvement and you want to stick it straight into whatever new car you buy after scrapping this one.

Don’t worry, you can remove it and sell your car for scrap without any stereo installed at all. Hold onto your equipment and if it’s compatible with your new vehicle, install it. Otherwise, maybe it’s time to sell that on, too.

If I Don’t Have a Stereo, Will It Affect The Price I Get For Scrapping My Car?

If you do need to scrap your car without any stereo installed, it’s not the end of the world. As you enter the vehicle’s details into our scrap value calculator, just make sure you notify us that it’s missing and our team will do the rest.

The price you’ll be quoted reflects the worth of the car as a whole. Because a stereo could be recovered as salvage, missing this piece of electronic equipment may lower the value that you’ll receive upon scrapping your car.

However, it’s not all bad. A car’s scrap value is still calculated, in part, based on its weight, and since stereos don’t weigh a ton, your price may not be reduced by too much.

A subwoofer speaker in the boot of a car

I’ve Fitted Extra Stereo Equipment To My Car, Can I Keep It?

Much like your stereo, you can of course decide to keep those subwoofers that you painstakingly installed into what was once the boot of your hatchback. While it may add some weight to boost scrap value, it’s unlikely you’ll find much salvage value for the additional components, be it speakers or even TV screens. If you have any aftermarket stereo equipment, it may be preferable to remove it before you scrap the car.

Can You Sell a Stereo For Scrap On Its Own

You can, but why would you scrap it when you can just sell it as a used stereo? While the advancement of in-built infotainment systems has largely seen the frequency of stereo thefts dwindle, they are still a sought after part. A stereo in full working order is likely to be an easy win on any web-based auction site. Allowing the stereo to be sold as scrap is likely to be much less lucrative for you than selling it as a stereo.

So, stereo or no stereo, we’re ready and waiting to help you scrap your car. Scrap Car Comparison will find you the best prices in just 30 seconds and, with free collection nationwide, you can sell your old car hassle-free. 

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