Vehicle Payment Questions

With over ten years spent building a nationwide network of the most reputable and trusted scrap, salvage and specialist buyers we are able to offer the most comprehensive comparison service on the web. We have answered all questions relating to payments below, but if you have a query that isn’t covered then feel free to send us a message and we’ll be in touch!

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Frequently Asked Payment Questions

Will I Get More Money If I Deliver The Car?

It depends. Some of our buyers on our network offer the option for customers to deliver their car and they will pay an additional amount for doing so, however this isn’t an option that’s available with all buyers. If this is something you’d like to do it’s best to ask when you are going through the quote stage as our advisors will be able to check to see if this is an option with the available buyers who collect in your area for you.

Will You Haggle On Collection?

No. All of our prices are guaranteed subject to inspection. This means that the price you are quoted is the price you will receive so long as the vehicle has been described accurately during the quotation stage.

Are Your Prices Guaranteed?

Yes, subject to inspection. All of our prices are guaranteed, subject to inspection, upon receipt of a signed purchase agreement. This means that as long as the vehicle has been described accurately during the quotation stage you will receive the exact amount which you were quoted.

Do I Have To Pay Anything?

No. Selling your vehicle through Scrap Car Comparison is a free service and we guarantee all of the prices offered by the buyers on our network. There are no hidden fees or nasty surprises when using our service so,as long as you have accurately described your vehicle, the price which you were quoted is the price which you will receive.

What Payment Methods Do You Use?

All payments are made on collection of the vehicle by either BACS or business cheque. Cheques can take 3-4 day to clear whereas BACS payments usually clear instantly, however in some cases this can take up to 24 hours.

Do You Make Payments In Cash?

No. On the 1st of October 2013 the Scrap Metal Dealers Act was bought in as a way to combat rogue traders and stolen materials. In order to ensure that payments are traceable all cash payments for scrap vehicles have been banned and are now illegal, which means all payments are made via BACS or business cheque. Cash payments can still be used if a vehicle is being sold for salvageable parts, and not scrap, however most of the buyers on our network will stick to the above two payment methods regardless.

Do You Price Match?

We will always deliver any price you have already received to our buyers in order to try and price match or beat the quote you have received. Our nationwide network of specialist buyers in both the scrap and salvage markets mean that we are able to offer some of the most competitive prices. If you have been offered a higher price elsewhere be sure to let us know the amount and we’ll see if our buyers are open to negotiation.

Why Do You Need My Bank Details?

So that our buyers can pay you! The details required are your Sort code and Account number. These can only be used to make payments into your account.

Why Do The Same Vehicles Get Different Quotes?

Even though a vehicle may appear to be identical the reality is that when they are being sold in this industry no two vehicles are the same. Differences in the vehicle’s condition, mileage, damage, location and whether there are any added extras such as alloys, on the vehicle can all affect the price which is quoted.

I’m Unhappy With The Price You Quoted Me.

We’re sorry to hear that. It’s important to remember that when using our service you are selling a damaged or broken vehicle which comes with free collection and no hidden fees. This means that the price you are quoted is the price you receive, guaranteed. The market does fluctuate so the worth of scrap metal varies, which is why we offer guaranteed quotes regardless of market fluctuations for 24 hours to allow you time to think about it. If you’d like to speak to one of our team to see if a buyer is open to negotiation with your quote please do call us on 03333 44 99 50.

What Makes Scrap Car Comparison’s Prices So Competitive?

With years of experience in the industry we have built up relationships with the most reputable Authorised Treatment Facilities and specialist buyers nationwide. When we first began building our network we did our research to ensure that only the most trusted buyers would be represented on our service, and we have continued with that same level of detail to ensure our users always get the best service when using one of the buyers on our network. Thousands of cars and a few years later and the relationships we have with the buyers, has strengthened. Because of this and the fact that we are able to offer a steady stream of vehicles to help our buyers work more efficiently, they offer us some of the most competitive prices on the market in return.

My Payment Hasn’t Cleared.

All payments are made by one of the following payment methods:
BACS – This usually clears instantly, however in some cases can take up to 24 hours.
Cheque – Business cheques can take 3-4 days to clear.

If you haven’t received payment after the above periods of time please do get in contact so that one of our advisors can look into this for you.

When Will I get Paid?

All payments are put through once the vehicle has been collected. Depending which payment method is used, your payment may clear either instantly, if paid by BACS or in 3-4 days if payment is made via a business cheque.

Will I Get Paid Before Collection?

No. The buyers on our network will need to ensure that the vehicle is both there, and as it was described during the quotation process, so payments are made at the time of collection, once the buyer has done their checks against the vehicle.

Are There Any Charges Or Deductions From My Quote?

If you have accurately explained your vehicle then the price you were quoted, is the price that you will get paid, guaranteed.

All of our guarantees are subject to inspection which is a term we use to ensure that the vehicle has been accurately described during the quotation process. We do this to protect our buyers as all of our quotations are generated in good faith. This means that if you told us you have a crash damaged vehicle which still operates and only has extensive damage to the rear, and our buyer turned up to discover that the vehicle has been stripped for parts, has no wheels and is a non-runner , then the vehicle would not have been represented truthfully and so the quote given at the original stage would not be valid.

The buyers on our network buy almost any type of damaged or broken vehicle so when describing your vehicle for a quote, it’s important that the information you provide is always accurate.

I’ve Received A Higher Quote Elsewhere.

Let us know what you have been offered and we’ll do our best to find a buyer who can beat it! Some companies offer a higher quote in the beginning stages but it doesn’t always work out as the most cost effective option as sometimes there are hidden collection fees. Unfortunately whilst we do not price match quotes that other companies make, we do operate with no hidden (or any other kind of!) charges and free collection so our quotes are often more generous once these factors have been calculated. We have a nationwide network of specialist buyers in both the scrap and salvage markets which means that we are able to offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. If you have been offered a higher price elsewhere be sure to let us know and we’ll see if our buyers are open to negotiation.

My Car’s Worth More Than You Quoted.

It can often be hard to hear that the vehicle you once paid so much for, is now worth significantly less as scrap however it’s important to remember that you are selling a damaged or broken vehicle. When entering your vehicle’s details for a quote please ensure that all of your vehicle’s details are entered correctly and include any information on modifications or added extras as your vehicle may be suitable for salvage, and consequently a higher quote.

How Long Are Quotes Guaranteed For?

All of the quotes we generate will be saved for 14 days however we can only guarantee the price in which you were quoted for one day. We like to give our users time to think about their decision and so we guarantee our quotes for 24 hours. However after this period has passed your quote will need to be recalculated. During these 24 hours your quote is guaranteed regardless of market fluctuations, so if the market suddenly places a lower value on scrap metal you will still receive the price you were originally quoted if you accept within the 24 hour timeframe.

Can You Make Payment To Somebody Else?

Sometimes. Many buyers prefer to make payments to the registered keeper of the vehicle, however they understand that sometimes this isn’t possible. This will be down to individual discretion so if payments need to be made elsewhere please enquire.

Are Payments Guaranteed?

Yes, as long as you have accurately explained your vehicle, all payments are guaranteed.

I Think My Car Is Worth More Than Scrap, Can You Compare Salvage Prices For Me?

We sure can! Our network of buyers spans nationwide and in addition to the Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) we work with, we also have specialist buyers who purchase vehicles for salvage purposes. Just give us a call and we’ll be able to take all the relevant details from you to retrieve your quote.

How Is My Quote Generated?

Once we have taken your vehicle’s details we will run them through our database of nationwide buyers to find a suitable buyer for your vehicle. Our network will compare buyers based on location and price to ensure that you are always getting the best deal for your vehicle, and because all collections are free the price you are quoted is the price that you’re paid!

Does It Cost Anything For A Quote?

No. All of our quotes are absolutely free with no obligation. Our service doesn’t have any hidden fees or charges and so when you sell your car through our service you won’t have to pay a penny.

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