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Cash For Scrap IconScrap my Volkswagen – all you need to know

If you’re thinking about scrapping your Volkswagen, we’ve put together everything you need to be aware of, from scrappage schemes to scrap value. Whether your car is beyond repair or you simply don’t need it anymore, this guide should provide all of the information you need to scrap your Volkswagen.

Common reasons for scrapping a Volkswagen

You may want to scrap your Volkswagen for many reasons. It may be that you’ve had an accident and the car has been written off or is too expensive to fix, or you may have had a change in personal circumstances and not require the car anymore.

Other common reasons for scrapping a Volkswagen include the cost of running the vehicle and its overall condition. Scrapping your old car can be a great way of taking it off your hands, while earning money in the process to spend how you like.

Whatever the reason for scrapping your Volkswagen, you can use Scrap Car Comparison to receive an instant quote in three easy steps.

What affects my Volkswagen scrap value?

The scrap value of a Volkswagen is determined by a number of factors. Predominantly, the weight of a vehicle will determine the value, however, the age, model and overall condition of the car can also affect it.

Check out our blog post for more information about how much if you scrap your vehicle.

Volkswagen scrap value comparison

Here, we’re looking at the different scrap values for Volkswagen vehicles at Scrap Car Comparison and how they compare to each other. The prices are displayed as percentages due to the fluctuation in prices due to market changes.

For example, if the average price of a Volkswagen being scrapped was £1000, then a Volkswagen model worth 30% when scrapped would be worth around £300.

Model % of Ford Price
Volkswagen Beetle (8v) 110%
Volkswagen Bora 103%
Volkswagen Caddy 95%
Volkswagen Golf GTI 108%
Volkswagen Golf GT Tdi 119%
Volkswagen Golf S 95%
Volkswagen Lupo 72%
Volkswagen Passat 120%
Volkswagen Polo 82%
Volkswagen Sharan 150%
Volkswagen Touran 107%

*All data recorded between Nov 2018 and Apr 2019

According to the data listed, the Volkswagen car model that would make the most money for its owner when scrapped with Scrap Car Comparison, is the Sharan which, if we used the example figure of £100 as average from above, would be worth £150 when sold for scrap.

Of all the models scrapped, the most likely model to be  scrapped at Scrap Car Comparison scrap yards was the Polo E, followed by the Polo S, with the Golf Se coming in third. Of those three cars, the car model that would be worth most on average when scrapped would be the Golf SE.

Most popular colour for a scrap Volkswagen

The most popular colour of Ford car being scrapped was silver, followed by blue and then black. Here are the top 8 most popular colours for Volkswagen vehicles scrapped.

  1. Silver – 31%
  2. Blue – 23%
  3. Black – 18.5%
  4. Red – 10%
  5. Green – 6.5%
  6. Grey – 6%
  7. White – 2%
  8. Other – 3%

My Volkswagen is too good to scrap – what now?

You can still use Scrap Car Comparison if your Volkswagen is too good to scrap. We work with a number of trusted salvage buyers who can take your car off your hands to use it for parts that can be recycled and reused. This saves you from having to sell it yourself, and we’ll even pick it up from your doorstep.

Volkswagen scrappage scheme

Volkswagen used to have a scrappage scheme in place that allowed you to hand in your old car, if it met certain criteria, and receive a discount off a new Volkswagen model. However, this scrappage scheme has now ended.

Although there isn’t a Volkswagen scrappage scheme currently available, you can still scrap your Volkswagen vehicle with Scrap Car Comparison and receive an instant quote using our scrap car calculator.

Scrappage vs scrapping – what’s best for your car?

If you use an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) or buyer to scrap your car, it won’t need to meet the same criteria as it would with a scrappage scheme.

For example, with a scrappage scheme your car generally needs to be of a certain age and in your name for six months as the registered owner. What’s more, you’re not obliged to purchase a new car in order to receive the money when you scrap your car through an ATF – you can spend the value of your scrap car on anything you want.

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