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How to Take Photos of Your Car for Salvage & Scrap

They say a photo tells a thousand words and in the case of selling your car for salvage, that can often be the case. When you apply to sell your old or damaged car for scrap or salvage, we may ask to see some current pictures of the car. This guide explains the reasons why, as well as some tips on how to go about photographing your salvage vehicle. 

Why are photos helpful when selling a car for salvage? 

If you’re selling a car for salvage, it’s highly likely that the dealer (or us, here at Scrap Car Comparison) might request photographs of the vehicle. This might add an extra step to the process, but is extremely useful for being able to accurately decide how much the vehicle is worth to buyers. 

Photographs of the car help us to understand the condition of the vehicle. This in turn helps one of our expert advisors to decide which category the vehicle falls under. For example, if it’s category A then the vehicle is beyond repair, while category D means the vehicle can be repaired for a cost that’s lower than the price of the vehicle. These categories mean buyers can better understand whether the car is destined for scrap or for salvage, and therefore quote you the most accurate price. 

Learn more about salvage categories here, or head to our scrap vs salvage guide for more on the differences between the two. 

How to take photos for scrap and salvage

  • If you’re taking photos of your vehicle, there are some key points to remember: 
  • It’s important to provide clear images – if they’re too blurry, dealers may not be able to see any damage (or lack of damage) well enough to quote accurately
  • Include the vehicle’s registration number – this proves that it’s yours and is definitely the same car you’ve described
  • Photograph all damage – you may be tempted to avoid damaged parts of your vehicle, but it’s important to include pictures of any issues. The buyer will see the car at collection and will adjust their quote for any inaccuracies, which could be lower if they’re not aware of all impairments beforehand
  • Phone photos are fine – while images must be clear, they don’t need to be professional. Photos taken on your phone will absolutely do the trick

Examples of how to photograph vehicle damage

You can see below some examples of images we’ve accepted to show the damage of a vehicle. While they won’t be winning any photography competitions, they’re exactly what we needed to determine the scrap/salvage category of the car and provide an accurate quote to the seller. 

Why not get a quote for your old or damaged vehicle today? Our network of expert buyers are located all around the UK, so we’ll be able to find a scrap or salvage dealer near you. If you have more questions about the scrap or salvage process, head over to our FAQ pages for answers.

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