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How to tax a car without a V5C

If you’ve had your dreaded Vehicle Excise Duty (or road tax to you and me) reminder but have managed to misplace your V5C Vehicle Registration, you could be starting to worry that you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, understandably asking “Can I tax my car without its logbook?” Thankfully, Scrap Car Comparison is here to tell you that yes, you can, and here’s how you do it.  

But first, if your logbook going missing is the least of your worries, it may be time to consider just how long that car should carry on anyway. By using Scrap Car Comparison you’re guaranteed to get the very best price in the quickest time, and with collection agents operating across 99% of UK postcodes, we’ll even come and collect it from your driveway absolutely free of charge.

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Can you tax a car without a V5C?

Providing you are the registered keeper, then you do not need to have the V5C registration document to be able to tax your car. You will, however, need to have the V11 tax reminder document and proof of valid MOT before you can renew your car’s tax. It would also be worth applying for a V62 form so you can then go about getting a replacement V5C.

How can I tax my car if I don’t have a V5C?

Although it’s not as simple as it would be if you did have your vehicle’s log book, taxing a car without a V5C is actually quite simple, provided you’ve got the other relevant documents to hand. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to how to go about it.

  • First and foremost, you should apply for a replacement V5C as having one will just make your life easier further down the line. This is done via the gov.uk website, will cost you £25 and should arrive within five working days.
  • Moving on to the tax itself, you’ll need to go to the Post Office in order to get this sorted without a V5C.
  • Take your V11 tax reminder and proof of valid MOT to the Post Office. You may also need to bring proof of Guarantee Value Replacement or Public Service Vehicle Certificate.
  • Payment will need to be made by either cash, cheque or credit or debit card – although you can set up a Direct Debit if need be.

If you don’t have either of the V5C or V11 documents, then you’ll need to apply for replacements of both. Both can be applied for online, although the Post Office can provide a V62 document to apply for a replacement V5C.

I’ve applied for a replacement log book, can I tax my car while I wait?

Yes you can, provided you have the V11 document and access to a Post Office. While you’ll not be able to tax the car online, if you have the relevant documents, then the process is the same as above, requiring you to visit your local Post Office and fill out the documents by hand.

If your annual road tax costs more than your car is worth, then it’s probably time to send it off for scrap. At Scrap Car Comparison, we scour the market for the best price for your car, and we’ll even come and collect it straight from you, leaving you with money in your account for minimum hassle. All it takes is one phone call to our team of experts or 60 seconds with our online quote generator to see just how much your car could be worth as scrap or salvage.

Can I sell or scrap my car without a logbook?

You can, but there’s no denying that it will be much easier in either case if you have your V5C to hand.

For more information on scrapping a car without the logbook, read our guide here.

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