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Can You Tax a Car Without MOT?

It is common knowledge amongst British drivers that in order to legally be on the road you need to have the holy trinity of insurance, tax and MOT, and by not having any one of these three you could be looking at an expensive letter landing on the doormat.

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How to Check Your Car Tax and MOT?

Luckily, checking if your car is taxed or has a valid MOT is an incredibly simple task, providing you know the registration number for your vehicle and have access to the internet. All you have to do is visit’s tax checker, where simply inputting your car’s registration details will bring up a second screen asking to confirm your car details – it will offer you the make and colour of your car, and if that is correct then you can move on to the next page, which will let you know if your car has MOT or is taxed, and when both are due.

If you need to check how much the current tax rate for your car is then you’ll need to take the 11-digit reference number from your vehicle’s V5C, commonly known as the logbook.

Can You Tax a Car Without MOT?

When the time comes for you to be able to renew your annual road tax, you will only be able to do so if your car has a valid MOT certificate. While it may be called road tax, it is not a tax specifically for maintaining roads (even if it does indirectly help pay for them). Vehicle Excise Duty, to give it its official title, is a tax on goods and services that damage consumer health or the environment, effectively encompassing anything that uses the public road, even if just parked, and damages the environment, such as petrol and diesel engines. Without a valid MOT certificate, you cannot legally drive on public roads, and as such cannot pay the tax.

Can I Insure a Car Without MOT?

While an MOT is required before taxing your car, it is not required in order to have the car insured. However, while you can get insurance, you may find that your insurer will not cover you in the event of an accident. It’s also worth noting that driving without a valid MOT certificate is illegal, and doing so may invalidate your insurance policy.

What happens if I drive without tax and MOT?

Driving without a valid MOT is not only dangerous but also illegal, and doing so is likely to invalidate your insurance, which is another crime in itself. IF you are caught driving without a valid MOT you could find yourself slapped with a fine of up to £1,000, although this could rise to £2,500 if your car is deemed unroadworthy – even if your MOT is still valid.

The fine for your car not being taxed is another £1,000, but isn’t just confined to cars being driven on the road. If your car is parked on the road but not moving, it is still defined by law as being on the public road, so it must be taxed and insured. If your car is not planning to be moved anytime soon, then your best option is to move it either onto a driveway or into a garage and declare it as SORN.

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