Little Buggers: What To Do If There’s An Insect Inside Your Car

They’re all around us all the time, but just thinking about them can make many peoples’ skin crawl. Bugs play a huge role in the Earth’s ecosystems and believe it or not, our lives would be very different if we woke up one morning and they were gone. However, that doesn’t mean that the average person would enjoy a face-to-face meeting with any kind of creepy crawly, especially when they’re behind the wheel of their car (the person’s, that is – bugs can’t drive!) Here’s how to deal with an insect that’s found itself inside your car.

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A spider's web on a car wing mirror covered in frost

Why Can It Be Dangerous To Have Bugs Inside Your Car?

When you’re driving, it’s crucial that you maintain total concentration on the road ahead and the behaviour of other drivers around you. If you remember anything from your hazard perception test, you’ll know that a dangerous situation can pop up out of nowhere.

So, it goes without saying that having some bug buzzing around your vehicle or slinking about in the corner of your eye is itself going to become a hazard by distracting you and preventing you from giving the road your full, undivided attention.

If you were to be witnessed by passing police fighting flailing around to fend off a bug, they could deem this to be careless or even dangerous driving. If charged with this offence, you can receive a fine and potentially even points on your licence. Of course, the punishment could become more severe if your behaviour results in an accident involving another person.

What To Do If You Find An Insect Inside Your Car

For some drivers, finding an insect inside your car could be an absolute nightmare. Phobias of creepy crawlies are common and could result in a serious accident if the creature is discovered while the vehicle is in motion. If you do end up wrestling with wheel and wasp at the same time, here’s how you should react to rid your car of insects safely.

Stay Calm

“They’re more scared of you than you are of them” is what the insect-phobic amongst us are constantly reminded of. Whether it’s actually true or not, we don’t know, but one thing is for certain: an insect trapped in your car isn’t going to deliberately make a beeline for you. Keep your cool and assess the situation by looking for somewhere that you can safely pause your journey to deal with the intruder. Freaking out isn’t going to improve the situation and flailing wildly will only agitate the stowaway insect.

Stop The Car

Calmness will allow you to quickly identify a safe place to pull over. Trying to shoo a wasp out of your window while travelling at 40 miles per hour could end in tragedy, so stopping and exiting the vehicle will allow you to deal with the problem at a sensible pace.

We can’t emphasise enough, though, the need to find somewhere safe to stop. Simply slamming on your brakes and stranding your car in the right-hand lane of a smart motorway because of a spider would not be considered safe, by your friends and family or the police.

Get Out If Safe To Do So

We’re touching on safety again here. On certain roads, namely motorways, you should never hang around. Always remove yourself from the road, climbing over the barrier if you must, and remember to climb out of the passenger side to avoid stepping into an active lane.

Once you’ve exited the vehicle in a safe area, you can begin removing (or squishing, if you’re so inclined) the insect in question that’s caused you so much anxiety.

What Insects Could Get Into Your Car?

Naturally, this depends on the part of the world you’re reading this from, but here in the UK you’re likely to have a run in with one (or more, if you’re unlucky) of the following:

  • Spiders: You love them or you loathe them. If they get into your car, it could be weeks before you even know about it. Keep an eye out for mysterious webs appearing around small gaps, like air vents. It’s also extremely common for spiders to reside in and around wing mirrors, though they’re likely to remain outside.
  • Wasps: Nature’s bullies. Ask yourself if you’ve ever met somebody who likes wasps. We bet you haven’t. If one gets stuck in your car, it’s probably going to be angrier than you are. Staying calm is essential.
  • Fly Ants: Another incredibly unpopular insect, ‘flying ant day’ usually occurs in the summertime and can spawn thousands of these creatures. They can terrorise entire communities, so if you end up with them in your car, you might not be the only one.
  • Flies: More of an annoyance than a horror, these pests will buzz around your head in search of the nearest escape route… although they’ll often repeatedly bump into a pane of glass right beside a wide open window. Get all of your car’s windows open and these things will eventually escape.
  • Moths: A nighttime nuisance, moths are generally fairly simple creatures. Some people even think that they’re just as elegant as butterflies. Whatever your opinion, UK moths are small and unlikely to cause any major problems.

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