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Government Releases List Of Cars Scrapped In 2009

Stacks of broken and damaged cars awaiting scrap or repair

Back in 2009 the government thought it was a good idea to introduce a scrappage scheme where you could trade in your old scrap car in return the government would pay the first £2,000 if you bought a brand new car as long as your old car had a current MOT. They have now released the full list of cars and it is amazing to see some of the cars that people did this with, including 101 Porsches in total.

Other gems included, 3 BMW M3s, 13 BMW Z3s, over 600 Mazda MX-5s, 3 Nissan Skylines, at least 2 Honda Integra Type Rs, 2 Audi TTs, 30 Volkswagen Sciroccos, 30 Toyota Supras and a Ford ESCORT RS2000.

Some classic cars that unfortunately made it to the list were a Datsun 280 ZX TARGA, 168 Austin Minis and 2 Zastava Yugo 311 Limousines – OK maybe not the Yugos!

You can see the full list for yourself here.

Another thing that you will notice is the amount of typo’s or spelling mistakes made by the dealers who took in the cars as part of the scrap scheme. Ever head of a Yoyota Corolla or an Audi 0.0861111111? The many different spellings of Peugeot is also a good read! Pegeot, Peogeot, Peuegot, Peugeout, Peuget, Peugeut, Peugoeot, Peugoet, Peugot seem to be the norm!

In total 392,227 cars were scrapped in the UK before the £400 million government limit was exhausted. The biggest winner of the scheme has been announced as Hyundai who managed to sell around 47,000 cars with the government initiative in place.

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