Kickstarter For Cars: Car HUD Kickstarters

Kickstarter For Cars: Car Head Up Displays

In our series on car Kickstarter campaigns we’ll be showing you some of the projects that have been either funded by the public or which are looking for funding to shape the future of driving. In this first blog, we look at, what could be the next big thing on your dashboard, Car Head Up Displays – Otherwise known as HUDS!


Funded in: June 2016.
Funding Goal: $50,000
Funding Achieved: $79,286

iSCOUT is a HUD that projects driving information directly onto its on-board & light responsive screen, creating an non-obstructive addition to your dashboard. Packed full of all sorts of innovative gadgetry, this HUD is designed with the public in mind. Whether you’re a casual driver or a regular long-hauler, this little unit is bound to make your drive time a little easier.


  • Blind-Spot Cameras
  • Dashcam
  • Fuel Level Monitoring
  • Gesture Control
  • Navigation
  • On-Board Diagnostics
  • Phone App/Sync
  • Photochromic Screen
  • Voice Control

Favorite Feature:

Our favorite feature of has to be the Blind-Spot Cameras that come with the premium models. When you activate your indicator, one of the two onboard cameras will activate and display live video footage of your blind spots on the display.


Funded in: 2015
Funding Goal: $100,000
Funding Achieved: $622,785

The HUDWAY Glass is a great example of a Car HUD Kickstarter success story. In 2015 it generated 623% of it’s initial $100,000 goal, finishing on a whopping $622,785!

Originally designed for Rally drivers, their goal is to make everyday driving distraction free. When it’s coupled with it’s iphone/android app, it allows you to integrate your phone with you car in ever expanding ways. Check out the video above to see all of it’s features!

The HUDWAY Glass campaign finished in November 2015 and you can now pre-order on their website for £35.


  • Navigation
  • On-Board Diagnostics
  • Phone App/Sync
  • Speed Camera Detection
  • Speedometer

Favorite Feature:

Our favorite feature of HUDWAY Glass has it’s flexibility when it comes to connecting to your phone, with many compatible apps for features like navigation, information, and entertainment.


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