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How Much Will I Get For Scrapping My Car?

If you’ve been in an accident or incident that’s resulted in your vehicle becoming a write-off – more expensive to repair than the total value of the car – you may want to think about scrapping your car.

Scrapping a car after an accident is a great way to recoup some of the costs that you may have to deal with due to the loss of your vehicle. In fact, scrapping your car could help you better afford a replacement.

Read on to find out what factors influence the price of scrapping your car, and how much money you can hope to receive.

The size and weight of your car

As with a lot of scrapping, the size and weight of your car is directly connected to how much money it can get you. The majority of scrap car prices are focused on the tonne-weight of your vehicle – this is because the bigger and heavier the car, the more scrap metal there is to be reused.

For example, a vehicle such as a Range Rover would almost automatically be worth more as scrap than a smaller Ford Fiesta.

The specifics of your car (make, model and age)

Beyond the size of your vehicle, the make and model of your car will also affect the amount you’ll receive when scrapping. Just like it affects the purchase price, having a more expensive make and model of car can mean it’ll be worth more when scrapped too.

Newer cars can often be worth more than older ones due to the possibility of salvaging some parts. An older car’s technology won’t often be as useful as that in a more up-to-date vehicle.

The valuable parts in your car

As we’ve just mentioned above, sometimes your car can be considered more valuable when scrapping because it has salvageable parts that can be removed and resold. We wouldn’t recommend removing these parts yourself before scrapping the vehicle, so that you can get maximum value when scrapping.

Some scrap car dealers may subtract the value of any missing parts from their total price, so if you’re looking to make the most money with your scrap vehicle, don’t remove valuable parts.

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The sale category your car fits into

There are two different sale categories for scrap cars: scrap and salvage. These categories each produce a different outcome and price. The price you’ll receive for your scrap car is often decided on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, taking in all the above factors, but will also depend on which category your car fits into.

There is the salvage category, which means that your vehicle is one that is damaged but could be repaired with the right parts. This type of vehicle is often more desirable to salvage buyers, which means that they could be worth more. The amount you can make from selling to a salvage buyer depends on the post-repair value, which is the amount the vehicle would feasibly sell for once repaired, and the cost of repairing the vehicle.

In contrast, the scrap category is for vehicles that are too damaged to be repaired. These vehicles are more likely to be considered using the factors above, such as the vehicle’s weight, what valuable parts it has, and whether it has a catalytic converter. Many cars are stripped for parts before being recycled for their metal, so the amount of money you get for your vehicle will take that into account.

The scrap metal market

Like most markets, the scrap metal market fluctuates; it’s a fast-moving industry with a large amount of supply and demand that changes on an almost daily basis. The highest demand changes come from the steel, aluminium and copper markets and, since these are all used in the manufacture of cars, the prices they are being bought and sold for will affect the price that you’ll get for your scrap car.

However, since there’s no real way for you to affect economic factors in the scrap metal market, we wouldn’t suggest you worry about this too much, if at all.

The location and your distance from the dealer

In many cases, when scrapping a car, your location and the distance you are from the dealer can affect the amount of money you’ll receive, since the dealer will often have to pay to retrieve it. At Scrap Car Comparison, we have a national network of waste sites and salvage buyers, so you’ll be able to compare all the prices available from dealers both near you and further away, and the car can be collected from you easily.

Average scrap prices of popular cars in the UK

Make and Model Year Weight* Price*
BMW 3 Series 2002 1.365 tonnes £192
Ford Transit 2001 1.691 tonnes £232
Peugeot 307 2004 1.260 tonnes £161
Renault Megane 2004 1.270 tonnes £167
Suzuki Swift 2006 1.075 tonnes £146
Vauxhall Zafira 2003 1.505 tonnes £231
Volkswagen Golf 2004 1.427 tonnes £215

*All details are from Scrap Car Comparison and are correct at the time of reporting.

If you’re looking to sell your damaged car, Scrap Car Comparison are here to help. We’ll show you the best prices available from dealers across the country, for both scrap and salvage vehicles, to make sure you get your money’s worth for your car. Simply get a quote with us today and we’re sure you’ll want to know how much money you could get for scrapping it.

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