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Can I Get Money For Scrapping My Car?

You can get money for scrapping your car! It’s a very simple process; you’ll get more than you think and is an easy way to recoup some of costs of buying a replacement. The average scrap price for a car is around £200.

There are only a few factors which will affect the money you can get.  But also if the car is not completely ruined, you may be able to sell it for salvage, rather than scrap – read on for more information on both.

How Much Will I Get For Scrapping My Car?

You’ll be surprised at the value of an old car. Here’s an example list of real scrap prices in the UK, for some of the most commonly scrapped cars.

Make and Model Year Weight* Price*
BMW 3 Series 2002 1.365 tonnes £192
Ford Transit 2001 1.691 tonnes £232
Peugeot 307 2004 1.260 tonnes £161
Renault Megane 2004 1.270 tonnes £167
Suzuki Swift 2006 1.075 tonnes £146
Vauxhall Zafira 2003 1.505 tonnes £231
Volkswagen Golf 2004 1.427 tonnes £215

*All details are from Scrap Car Comparison and are correct at the time of reporting.

If your car is salvageable this value goes up a lot too. It’s important to speak with a advisor to understand all your options. More on that coming up…

What Factors Affect the Value?

The size and weight of your car

The scrap value of a vehicle is directly tracked against the price of scrap metal. This is the primary factor to consider.  Your initial quotes for scrap will will focus on the tonne-weight of your vehicle – simply because the bigger and heavier the car, the more scrap metal there is to be reused. For example, a Range Rover would automatically be worth more as scrap than a Ford Fiesta.

Get the up-to-date value for UK scrap metal market and a free scrap valuation here.  

Salvaging the valuable parts of your car

Beyond the size of your vehicle, the make and model of your car will also affect the amount you’ll receive when scrapping. Just like it affects the purchase price, having a more expensive make and model of car could mean that some of the parts can be salvaged. The more modern the parts – the more likely they are to fit cars currently being repaired. 

“It’s important not to remove the parts yourself” 

The next part to getting money for scrapping your car is having those parts included in the quote. A trusted scrapping service will include the value for these parts in your end price. While it might be tempting to break it down and sell separately, parts often don’t fetch much on their own, such as the scrap price of batteries, which is quite low when scrapped alone, especially when compared to the overall price of a car. 

“Speak to an expert directly” 

An online quote is usually only the starting point. After your first quote – make sure you speak with the advisor, or directly with a scrap yard, to help them understand the make, model and specifics of you vehicle.

You also want to ensure you have all the paperwork for your car to hand, as this can really help the advisor to get an accurate figure for you.

We’ve gone into more detail here to help you know what documents you need to scrap your car.

Follow these steps and there’s no need to break your car into parts.

For more info read Can You Scrap A Car With Parts Missing?

Get multiple quotes, or use a comparison service

This is because there will be variation in each scrap yards desire for that vehicle, their cost to collect based on the distance to you, any many other factors. A comparison service to scrap your car, like ours, will instantly retrieve quotes from all your local trusted scrap yards and get you the best scrap price available.

But don’t stop there!

Small car being collected on a trailer for scrap

Salvaging an old vehicle

There are two different sale categories for scrap cars: scrap and salvage. These categories each produce a different outcome and price. If your car is not destroyed, it may fall into the salvage category,

“People often think it’s the end of the road after a failed MOT, but there is still value in an old car, even if it doesn’t run anymore.”

This means that your vehicle is one that is damaged but could be repaired with the right parts. After the work is complete it worth more to a salvager, and means it’s worth more to you when you sell it. It’s important again to speak with a salvager or an advisor who can help you understand the potential in your old vehicle in order to get you the right price.

Getting money for an old scrap car might be quicker and easier than you think. Just don’t forget to speak with a expert to understand your best options – and always check that collection is free!

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