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Cash For Scrap IconScrap my Suzuki – all you need to know

Do you have a Suzuki you want to scrap? In this handy guide, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about scrapping your Suzuki car.

Common reasons for scrapping a Suzuki

The decision to scrap your Suzuki can come down to any number of different reasons. It could be down to personal circumstances, such as if you’re moving away or if the increasing cost of running your car has become too expensive. Or it could be due to a recent accident and the extensive damage your car received.

Whatever the reason may be, you can get some extra cash in your pocket by using the Scrap Car Comparison calculator. Simply enter your postcode and car registration to receive an instant quote. We’ll even collect the car right from your door.

What affects my Suzuki scrap value?

The scrap value of your Suzuki car is mainly calculated by its weight. However, other factors such as the age of the vehicle, its overall condition and the model can have an impact on the value too.

Suzuki scrap value comparison

In this section, we’re comparing the scrap value of different models of Suzuki cars. Due to market changes, scrap values fluctuate on a regular basis, so we have displayed the figures as percentages to reflect the differences.

For example, if the average price of a Suzuki being scrapped is £1000, then a Suzuki model worth 70% of that would be worth around £700

[ Suzuki scrap car value data coming soon ]

Most popular colour for a scrap Suzuki

[Popular colours to scrap coming soon]

My Suzuki is too good to scrap – what now?

Even if your Suzuki is too good to be scrapped, we can still take it off your hands. We work with a hand-picked network of trusted salvage buyers who can reuse parts of your vehicle and put them to good use. This will save you the time and hassle of selling the car yourself or having to buy another car in exchange.

Suzuki scrappage scheme

Suzuki don’t currently offer an active scrappage scheme. They used to have an incentive available that allowed customers to enjoy savings of up to £2,000 off selected Suzuki models when trading in a pre-Euro 5 emissions standard vehicle that had been registered before the end of 2009. However, this scheme ended in 2017.

Scrappage vs scrapping – what’s best for your car?

Scrappage schemes can be great if your vehicle meets the specific criteria required and you wanted to buy a new vehicle from the same manufacturer. However, these schemes can be restrictive if you’re looking at them just as a means of getting rid of your old car.

If you scrap your car with an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) such as Scrap Car Comparison, your car doesn’t need to meet specific criteria. You can simply scrap it in return for cash to spend however you choose.

If you would like to scrap your Suzuki, use our Scrap Car calculator today, or get in touch to speak to a member of our expert team.

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