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Have an old battery lying around your workshop that’s just creating an unnecessary trip hazard? Did you know you can get rid of it and make a few quid at the same time?

At present, scrap car batteries are worth around £470 per tonne. Read on to find out how scrap batteries are valued…

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An old corroded car battery

Average Prices of Scrap Car Batteries

So, how much could you get for your scrap car battery? Average prices suggest you could find your battery is worth around £5, and while that may seem small, remember it’s still better than the £0 it was generating being useless in your garage. It’s also worth noting that if you take it to your nearest recycling centre, you won’t get anything for an old battery – and in some cases you might even find places expect you to pay to have it taken off your hands.

How are scrap battery prices worked out?

Battery prices are often worked out – as is the case with most scrap items – by weight. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll often find the following rates for batteries, however, like with the price of scrap metal, this number fluctuates and it is important to stress this is only an average.

May 2024 Scrap Battery Price per Tonne: £470

To put these numbers into perspective, scrap cars tend to float around the £150-£175 per tonne price tag, which you can track on our dedicated page here.

Data taken from latest statistics provided by LetsRecycle as of June 2024

When should I sell a scrap battery?

Making sure you sell anything as scrap at the right time is always key, and a battery is no different. If you’re absolutely certain that your battery has given up and there’s no other gremlins creeping in like your electrics or alternator, then the best bet is to sell up and get a working replacement. Even if you’re only going to get around £5, that’s still £5 more in your bank account before buying a new one.

How do I sell a scrap battery?

You’re best bet to selling a scrap battery is to go direct to the scrapyards themselves and find out how much they’re prepared to offer – if they’re prepared to offer anything at all. This could take some patience and research, so alternatively you could try a bespoke online service. We don’t deal with scrap batteries here at Scrap Car Comparison, but will be happy to discuss options if you want to scrap your car in its entirety.

Will someone collect my scrap battery?

This is highly unlikely, given the low value of a single scrap battery, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone willing to come and collect it. 

How do I recycle scrap car batteries?

Batteries must be recycled at specialist centres, and these can often be found at your standard local recycling centre – the place you take most of your rubbish, usually on a sunny bank holiday along with everyone else. It’s no secret that the materials used in batteries are dangerous, so recycling batteries is a little different than just crunching up your old cereal box and chucking it in the brown bin.

Why should I recycle scrap batteries?

While you won’t get anything for your batteries by recycling, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the hazardous materials are being dealt with correctly by people who know what they’re doing. By recycling your battery, you’re also ensuring that these materials – such as the volatile battery acid – are taken to a safe environment where they can do no harm to the surrounding area or people.

Should I scrap a car in one piece?

If you’re looking to scrap a car, you’ll find it much easier to sell it, and to get a good price, if it’s in one piece than you would if you were to try breaking it down for parts. There is the potential to make more money this way, but remember, a battery is only worth potentially £5, so you’ll need to work out if it’s worth going through the hassle of breaking it apart, storing the parts and then going through the rigmarole of calling around to sell them individually – and that’s before you factor in how the buyer gets them, and you may have to deliver them yourself. 

By scrapping your whole car in one, you’re able to use Scrap Car Comparison’s service, where we’ll find you the best price for your car in a matter of minutes. Simply follow the link below to find out how much your car could be worth as scrap.

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