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When it’s time to say goodbye to your car, you want to ensure you’re getting the best possible price for it.

How much is my scrap car worth?” is one of the most popular questions people ask when they decide to scrap their car, and if you spent a lot of your budget to buy the car, you will probably be hoping it still holds some value when you come to scrap it. There are many variables that can affect how much you will receive for your scrap car, including its brand.

Are some car brands worth more to scrap?

In general, more expensive cars to purchase and run will have an increased value in their scrap price. However, this isn’t always the case, so you can’t rely on it. There are also many other variables that can impact on the scrap value such as the car’s age, model, weight and parts. For example, if you scrap a Ford from 2004, it’s very likely it will be worth less than a Ford from 2018.

The value of your scrap car can even be impacted by international trade agreements, socioeconomic movements, changes in demand and flux in the financial sector. What your scrap car is worth in metal can change from month to month, which is why you can’t just expect a certain figure due to the brand of your car.

If your car is attractive to collectors, they may be willing to offer a higher price for specific vehicles, rather than the scrap metal value per tonne. This is usually when the collector knows they can make a profit from recycling the car after salvaging some parts, or if they see a potential in repairing the vehicle.

Is it worth selling off the parts of more expensive car brands?

You might find another car owner who is willing to pay more for a specific part if they need it for their car, however, this isn’t guaranteed and would require you to advertise the parts and remove them yourself.

It is worth noting though that removing parts from your car will impact on the value you’re able to get for the car as a whole when you scrap it. You may find that you lose more of its value by selling a single part, than if you chose to scrap it in its entirety.

How can I get the best value for my scrap car?

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