Looking to scrap your car in Reading? Make sure Scrap Car Comparison is your first port of call!

Dedicated to finding you the best possible price for your scrap car, we make scrapping your car in Cavesham, Whitley, Norcot, Southcote, or any other part of Reading, quick, simple, and hassle free.

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broken and damaged car collectionWhere to scrap my car in Reading

Map of Reading Scrap Car Collection AreasIf you’re looking to scrap your car in Reading, make sure Scrap Car Comparison is your first port of call.

At Scrap Car Comparison, we’ll help you find the best possible price for your scrap car in Reading.

Compare over 100 scrap and salvage yards from across the UK to find the best price available. And don’t worry if your chosen buyer isn’t in the Reading area, we’ll come and collect your vehicle and transport it to them, free of charge.

We can quote for any car in Reading and the surrounding area, regardless of its make, model, and condition.

broken and damaged car collectionScrap car collection in Reading

We want to you to have access to the best possible scrap car prices, no matter where you’re located in the UK.

So, once you’ve found the best price for your scrap car, we’ll arrange for it to be collected from anywhere in Reading and transported to your chosen scrap yard. This service is completely free and, with years of experience behind us, you can rest assured that the process will be quick and easy.

For further information about scrapping your car in Reading, or to find out how much your scrap car is worth, get in touch today.

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Customer A (Tina D) sums up the experience of the Scrap Car Collection service perfectly.

“Quick and easy” 

Customer B (Judith B) is even more to the point.

“Excellent service”

Scrap and salvage cars being collection in Reading

Getting paid for your damaged vehicleOther locations near me

Our service covers Reading and the surrounding area. The areas that we collecto from include Calcot, Three Mile Cross, Woodley, Burghfield and Spencers Wood. If you’re in or around Reading we’ll collect!

We have a vast network of buyers in Reading, all waiting to pick up your scrap or salvage van or car. Contact us right now for a rapid collection anywhere in the UK. Here are some of our larger collection areas