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Should I Remove the Fuel Before Scrapping My Vehicle?

The price of fuel has never been something to take lightly, so you want to make sure you get every penny’s worth. That being said, you also want to make sure that, when Scrap Car Comparison’s trusted buyers turn up to collect your vehicle, it’s in a fit state for them to take.

Stress less, because we’re here to tell you what you need to know about scrapping and fuel. And in short, there’s little for you to worry about.

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The Scrap Car Collection Process

We know that you may have a lot of questions about scrapping your car. It’s a big deal, and not something you do every day. However, our buyers do do it every day, and we’ve worked with them to make the process run as smoothly as your car did the first day you bought it.

But, since you’re now looking into scrapping your vehicle, let us explain how it works so you know just what to expect.

Using our scrap value calculator, we gather up the cheapest quotes offered by trusted, local scrap dealers and allow you to choose which one suits your needs best. Once you’ve accepted the quote, you choose a suitable date for collection and simply present the V5C and some photo ID, along with your car keys when the time comes to part with your car. It’s that easy!

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Should I Remove the Fuel From My Vehicle?

You’re under no obligation to hand over the keys to your car with an empty tank. This would be a pretty unreasonable request, forcing you to run the vehicle until every drop is burned away, timing it conveniently so that the engine splutters to a halt right outside your home.

Scrap Car Comparison’s buyers will absolutely take your vehicle with fuel still inside, so if you know you’re about to part ways, maybe save yourself some pennies (or pounds, these days) and don’t fill the tank to the brim. That being said, if your car is being sold for salvage and is described as starting, make sure it’s not empty either!

In the interest of health & safety, one thing that we can not recommend would be for you to attempt the removal of the fuel yourself. Handling flammable, pollutable liquid can be extremely dangerous and it’s actually illegal for recovery drivers to pick up the car with it leaving a trail of oil in its wake, so please, leave it to the professionals. Your quote price will not be affected, even if the tank needs to be emptied completely.

What Happens to the Fuel in My Vehicle?

Once the scrap buyer has collected your vehicle, it will be taken away to be disassembled and, if possible, salvaged. They must assume that the fuel is contaminated, and therefore it’ll be removed as part of the depollution process. Again, this won’t affect your purchase price.

If these are removed incorrectly, it’s likely that they could cause serious environmental damage and pollute the earth or any nearby water supplies. Scrap yards may not be the most picturesque places, but our buyers know exactly how to scrap or salvage every part of your vehicle whilst maintaining the natural environment around their patch.

Do I Need to Pay Extra For Fuel Removal?

No. It’s all taken care of on the buyer’s end at no extra cost, regardless of how much fuel needs to be removed. Your quoted price remains the same no matter what.

So, if you think you’re now clued up and comfortable with the scrapping process, don’t delay. Get a quote from Scrap Car Comparison and see how much you could get for scrapping your old car. We’ll give you a price in just 30 seconds, and our nationwide coverage means we can offer free collection, wherever you are!

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