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MOT Expiration and What it Means For You

Making sure that you keep up to date with your MOT, tax and insurance ensures that you keep legally driving on the roads, but what happens if you are unable to get your MOT booked in time and you allow it to expire? Let Scrap Car Comparison talk you through everything you need to know about letting your MOT expire.

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When does my MOT expire?

Your MOT expires one year after your last certificate was issued, and you can book your next test up to one month ahead of your expiry date, minus one day – so if your MOT expires on the 20th of April, you can get your next MOT test sorted at any point from the 21st of March up until the date the certificate expires. However, there are good reasons not to get your vehicle MOT’d too early.

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How long after your MOT expires can you drive?

Once your MOT has expired you are no longer allowed to drive on the road, unless you are driving to an MOT centre with a pre-booked MOT appointment. Driving without a valid MOT is a crime and you could face a fine of up to £1000 if you are caught – which is highly likely in the age of Automatic Number Plate Recognition. 

What happens if my MOT expired 3 months ago?

The rules surrounding MOT expiration are the same whether it is 3 days, 3 months or 3 years – if a car has no MOT, it legally cannot be driven on the road. If your MOT expired as much as 3 months ago, then it is highly recommended that you take it to the nearest MOT testing centre as soon as possible. You will be able to drive to the centre so long as you have already booked an appointment and the car has no significant issues that would deem it unsafe for the road.

My MOT certificate has expired – will this invalidate my insurance?

If you have allowed your MOT to expire and you drive without a valid MOT then you could invalidate your insurance. This will be a double whammy for you as not only is it a crime to drive without a valid MOT, but it is also a crime to drive without insurance, so you could find yourself with two fines and a licence full of penalty points.

How long before MOT expires can you renew?

You can renew your MOT one month ahead of your MOT expiration date, minus one day. Simply put, if your MOT is due on the 24th of February, you have from the 25th January up until the 24th of February to get your car tested.

Will I be fined if my MOT has expired?

If you are seen driving your car or it is kept on the public highway without a valid MOT then you are open to being fined by the police up to £1000. As your car will flag up as having no MOT from the date of expiration, if you are seen by any ANPR system, or if the police put your car though one of their scanners, they will instantly see you are driving without an MOT and a fine will be heading your way.

Is there a grace period on MOT expiration?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no grace period when it comes to MOT expiration – if your MOT expires today and you’re not booked in for a test until next week, you cannot drive in the interim. It is best to ensure you have set up MOT reminders, which can be done for free from the website, so that you know when to book your car before your MOT has expired to ensure you are not left stranded for any number of days.

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