Some Of The Strange Things Our Buyers Have Found


The weird and wonderful items left behind in cars

CONSIDERING how many people buy and sell cars on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that some pretty bizarre stuff is left behind in a glove compartment or the boot of a vehicle. In fact, the strange items left in a vehicle provide a constant source of entertainment for the employees of one car comparison site.

Some of the most wonderfully weird left behind items that have had the pleasure – or unfortunate pleasure – to deal with include money, an artificial leg, adult toys and a framed photo of a person dressed in a woollen suit taking a shower!

A spokesperson for who provide scrap and salvage quotes for UK residents said amusing stories often cause a laugh in the office.

“We’ve had everything from what looked like a leg in a black bag of what turned out to be artificial to a small bag of bank notes! These items are rightfully returned to the original owners to some embarrassment at times.”

The most commonly left behind items include sat navs, child car seats and gloves. But by far the strangest item found was a white picture frame which included a photo of a person in what can only be described as a multicoloured full length woollen outfit and taking a shower!

A spokesperson added, “Sat navs are a regular item that our buyers have returned but we have had a few awkward moments too. There’s been a couple of occasions where there has been an adult toy under a car seat much to the amusement of the office!”

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