BMW Scrappage Scheme

Currently there is no official BMW scrappage scheme active. The previous scrappage scheme ended on 01/01/18 and has not been restarted. BMW drivers looking to scrap their cars or vans are recommended to compare prices to maximise the payout from scrapping their vehicle.

What is the BMW scrappage scheme?

BMW’s scheme was available for diesel-powered cars complying with Euro 1-4 emissions regulations, and offered £2000 towards all BMW and MINI models that had carbon emissions under 130g/km. This was a flat discount offered across the BMW range, no matter what car you were putting towards the scheme, and had to be used on purchasing a new car from the BMW or MINI range. This differs from the usual scrap or salvage service which sees values determined by your car’s weight or resale value, meaning the discount offered by BMW could be either very good, or very bad, value depending on the car you were trading in.

Is the BMW scrappage scheme coming back?

Since the scheme ended in 2018 there has been no suggestion the scheme is coming back. BMW currently offers a ‘BMW sell back’ service, offering a ‘stress free’ service to selling BMWs. Of course, this service is only available to current BMW owners, and there are no specific schemes in place for owners of other brands. You may be able to trade in your old car and put the money towards your new BMW, but this will be nothing more than a part-exchange and you won’t be able to guarantee that you’re getting a fair deal without doing some research of your car’s second hand value first.

How did the scrappage scheme work?

BMW’s scrappage scheme was predominantly aimed at removing the highest polluting diesel vehicles from the road, and trying to get more people to purchase new cars from the Bavarian Motor Works. Only diesel-powered cars built to Euro 4 diesel emissions standards or earlier were able to partake in the scheme, and you had to have owned the vehicle for at least six months before you could make use of the scheme. In return, you received £2,000 off any BMW or MINI model that had an emissions output of 130g/km or lower. This included the entire electric range of models at the time, such as the i3, i8 and MINI Countryman PHEV.

Petrol Cars:

No petrol cars were able to be used in this scheme, although you could put the £2000 discount towards a petrol car should you so wish.

Diesel Cars:

The BMW scheme was aimed specifically at diesels, and was only open to those that were registered prior 31st December 2009 (Euro 4 emission standards or earlier).

Electric Cars:

The range of BMW’s electric cars were not included. Electric cars are, however, one of the most popular options when buying a new car to comply with Clean Air Schemes across the country, as zero-emissions vehicles (such as electric cars) are very often free from all charges.

Commercial Vehicles:

BMW cars are prevalent as company cars and the 5-Series range is often considered as one of the best executive models on the market.

However, BMW do not produce a range of commercial vehicles such as vans or trucks, and as such would be unlikely to offer any deals on an old one. The location-based scrappage schemes, particularly the London ULEZ scheme, features specific rules for commercial vehicles, offering up to £9,500 depending on certain criteria.

Do I qualify for a Scrappage Scheme Offer?

Just because BMW no longer offers a scrappage scheme, doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of a scheme at all, although there are specific requirements for you to adhere to first. You may be eligible for one of the three location-based clean air zone schemes currently available.

  • London – available to London residents with a vehicle that is not ULEZ compliant
  • Birmingham – available to those who work 18 hours a week or more within the Clean Air Zone, who earn £30,000 a year or less and have owned a non-compliant vehicle since 10 September 2018
  • Scotland – Available to owners of non-compliant vehicles who live within a 20km radius of a Scottish Low Emission Zone.

How to Scrap Your BMW

If you want to scrap your old BMW and get something a little newer and greener, but don’t qualify for any of the current scrappage schemes, then all is not lost. By using Scrap Car Comparison to sell your car as scrap or salvage, you’re guaranteeing yourself the very best price, no matter the age or condition of your car, or wherever in the country you call home.

We won’t make you jump through hoops to use our service, nor do we don’t mind if you live close to a Clean Air Scheme or not. It also doesn’t matter to us if you’ve owned the car for 5 years or 5 days, as long as you’re the legal owner of the car in question, you can use Scrap Car Comparison to get the best price in a quick and hassle-free manner.

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