Audi Scrappage Scheme

Audi is currently holding a ‘Make the Switch’ offer for its EV range, providing owners of older cars an opportunity to trade-in their old vehicles and receive a substantial discount on a brand new electric Audi. The offer is available on ‘e-tron’ models ordered before 02/10/23 and can result in savings of up to £11,000.

What is the Audi scrappage scheme?

The new Audi scrappage scheme is more of a special offer than a typical ‘scrappage scheme’ in that drivers of older vehicles are able to trade in their cars and receive a large discount for a car from Audi’s e-tron range – the German manufacturer’s electric arm. The offer can also be used in conjunction with London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone scrappage scheme, providing an additional £2,000 on top of Audi’s price reduction. The offer is valid throughout August and September and available on vehicles purchased before October 2nd 2023, and there is no requirement to trade in another vehicle.

How does the scrappage scheme work?

Audi’s ‘Make the Switch’ Scheme acts much like any other special offer would, in which Audi provides a deduction in the cost of a brand new electric vehicle when purchasing the vehicle. The main reason for this was to boost Audi electric vehicle sales, but was also marketed as helping get older, more polluting cars off the road – particularly those that were ULEZ non-compliant.

Savings were lump-sum discounts, including £2,000 for a Q4 e-tron (plus £4,250 deposit contribution when bought through PCP), £5,000 off a Q8 e-tron (plus £4,500 deposit contribution when bought through PCP) and £5,000 off an e-tron GT quattro (plus £6,000 deposit contribution when bought through PCP). All of these can also utilise London’s ULEZ scrappage scheme, taking potential savings of as much as £13,000 for the e-tron GT quattro.

Petrol Cars:

Any traditional internal combustion could be traded in, but no petrol vehicles could be purchased.

Diesel Cars:

Any traditional internal combustion could be traded in, but no diesel vehicles could be purchased.

Electric Cars:

The offer was intended to get more electric Audis on the road, and while there was nothing to say you couldn’t trade in an electric car, it was unlikely that you would do so.

Commercial Vehicles:

As a premium brand, many Audis are used as company cars, with the A6 often being listed as one of the best executive cars on the market.

However, Audi does not produce a range of commercial vehicles such as vans or trucks, and therefore is unlikely to offer any deals on an old one. London’s ULEZ, Birmingham’s CAZ and Scotland’s LEZ scrappage schemes feature specific rules for commercial vehicles, offering large returns depending on certain criteria.

Do I qualify for a Scrappage Scheme Offer?

If you can’t afford to purchase a new car, even with Audi’s contribution, you could still get rid of your old car should you qualify through other scrappage schemes. You may be eligible for one of the three location-based clean air zone schemes currently available.

  • London – available to London residents with a vehicle that is not ULEZ compliant
  • Birmingham – available to those who work 18 hours a week or more within the Birmingham Clean Air Zone, who earn £30,000 a year or less and have owned a non-compliant vehicle since 10 September 2018
  • Scotland – Available to owners of non-compliant vehicles who live within a 20km radius of a Scottish Low Emission Zone

How to Scrap Your Audi

If you don’t qualify for any of the scrappage schemes around the country, then you can still scrap your Audi for the best price by using Scrap Car Comparison.

We’ll scour the market to find the very best price for you in your area, and unlike other schemes, everyone is eligible for our service, no matter who you are or what you drive. All you need to tell us is your car’s registration number and postcode to receive a quote for your car, and we’ll do the rest.

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