Which Battery Can I Use For My Vauxhall, And How To Replace It

Even if your car drinks petrol or diesel, as most still do, there’s another kind of juice that your vehicle will need and that’s electricity. While cars with internal combustion engines may not rely on this power source as much as the latest Tesla, they still need a spark to get them started. This is where the battery comes in, with each vehicle requiring a different one, but what if you’re not sure which type is right for your car. Well, if you own a Vauxhall, read on for our advice.

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What Type Of Batteries Does A Vauxhall Use?

Vauxhalls use either Lead-acid, GEL or Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM). These batteries all work in different ways with positives and negatives for each user and even need to be installed and handled in different ways.

Lead-acid batteries contain lead, unsurprisingly, along with sulphuric acid. The acid surrounds the lead, causing a chemical reaction to generate the electricity. The reverse of this reaction even helps the battery recharge itself.

GEL batteries are a different take on typical lead-acid batteries, except that these don’t need topping up with distilled water. They’re also low-emission which means they can be used in enclosed spaces (like an engine bay) without danger. Silica fumes are introduced into the lead and sulphuric acid, resulting in the gel-like substance it’s named after.

AGM batteries are developed from GEL batteries and are made up of a mesh-like material of glass fibres to prevent acid leakage. Generally these batteries will also hold the most charge of the three varieties here.

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Do Different Models Of Vauxhall Need Different Batteries?

Yes, as with all other makes of car, different models will require different batteries so it’s very important to find out which one your vehicle needs before you purchase a new one. This can be checked by flicking through the car’s handbook, where it’ll tell you the exact type of battery the vehicle uses, or by entering your reg number onto the website of any major car part retailer where prompted. 

Another important distinction to make is that cars of the same model might need a different battery based on whether they run on petrol or diesel. Once again, this will be listed in the handbook and you’ll be able to check online. Many of these retailer websites take out the guesswork by using their own database of information.

What Happens If You Put The Wrong Battery In A Vauxhall?

This can have severe consequences for your car. Using the wrong battery can result in an incorrect flow of electricity which could leave your car feeling underpowered or give you dimmed lights and poorly operating electrical systems. However, it could also give your vehicle too much voltage which can damage the electrics in other ways and even harm the car’s alternator.

Can I Replace My Vauxhall’s Battery Myself?

Absolutely, although we wouldn’t recommend attempting to do so unless you know what you’re doing. It can be a tricky task if you’re going into it with no prior knowledge or experience so consider going to a mechanic if you’re not feeling confident. If you’d prefer to give it a go yourself, read on down this page for our step-by-step instructions.

How To Find The Right Battery For My Vauxhall

As we said above, most car part retailers these days give you the ability to search for the correct battery for your car based on its make and model and are able to match your vehicle to the battery it needs.

Alternatively, you can check for an OEM number on the existing part, if it’s the stock factory battery. This will help you specify the type that you need. The owner’s manual will also list the battery type required.

How To Replace Your Vauxhall Battery

So you’ve acquired the correct battery for your Vauxhall – it’s time to install it. This is how it’s done:

  • Turn the car off and take out the key. Locate the battery.
  • Disconnect the terminals, starting with negative before moving onto positive. Remove the cables.
  • Remove the bolts holding the brackets in place, then take off the brackets themselves.
  • Take the battery out of the car.
  • Repeat the process in reverse to install the new battery.

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