How to Remove and Recycle a Car Battery

Just like the everyday AA batteries in your TV remote, car batteries must be disposed of in a particular way.

Batteries both large and small contain a potentially harmful concoction of heavy metals, including lead, mercury, and lithium. Simply putting our used batteries in the bin means that they end up in landfill, leaking these metals which can end up soaking into the soil and even permeating our water supply.

The same applies for car batteries – you cannot simply put them in with the rest of your rubbish or even take them to the tip. 

In fact, it is illegal in the UK to dispose of a car battery through landfill or incineration. The law also states that it is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to ensure that any old car batteries are handled and recycled properly.

To see how to scrap an old battery, and how much they’re worth, we’ve put together a handy guide here.

If you want to know more about how your car could be recycled – with more than 95% of parts and materials recycled into other products then check our guide here: Car Recycling with Scrap Car Comparison.

So, how should you get rid of an old car battery? How can you recycle it? If you are removing it yourself, it’s vital to follow the proper steps. Our infographic below explains what to do and how to ensure your old car battery gets the right treatment at the end of its life.  

Guide to recycling a car battery

Download as pdf

Please note: You should only attempt to remove and recycle a car battery if you will be replacing it with a new one yourself. If it’s scrap value you’re after, it’s not worth scrapping a car battery on its own – a scrap car is worth far more when it has all its parts!

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