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Where Can Scrap Vehicles Be Collected From?

Are you stuck with a vehicle that’s past its prime? Has your car been written off and is headed for the scrap heap? That’s where scrapping comes in. And, as long as your car is able to be physically moved onto the pickup vehicle, you’ll be able to arrange for it to be collected at a time that’s convenient for you and the collection driver. This guide explains more about where scrap cars can (and can’t) be collected from.

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How scrap car collection works

If you know you’re ready to scrap your car, then it’s likely you’ll be able to get some money for your old vehicle. So, you’ll want to start by finding the best quote you can (our Scrap Value Calculator is a good place to start) and then the scrap buyer will be in touch to arrange a collection. Once you’ve both agreed on a convenient time, you’ll want to make sure you have all the relevant documents you need at hand – this is usually a photo ID, utility bill, V5C log book and any vehicle history you may have, like old MOTs, service history etc.

On collection day, a pick-up vehicle will arrive, the collector will check your documentation, you’ll both sign section 9 of the V5C document and then the collector will take your vehicle away for scrap. You will then be responsible for sending the V5C off to the DVLA.

Can my Scrap Car be Collected From my Home?

If that old car is taking up precious driveway space or you’ve got a vehicle which simply needs to go, then you can arrange for the vehicle to be collected from your home, whenever it suits you. You’ll need to provide the postcode of your home when arranging the collection. The only cases where it may not be possible to pick up your car is if your home can’t easily be accessed by a recovery vehicle, so ideally your car will be on or near an accessible road. Please let us know as soon as possible if you think your vehicle is not easily accessible, then we will be able to arrange the necessary recovery equipment.

The Scrap Car Comparison buyer network covers most of the UK – find out more about our locations.

Can my car be scrapped from another location?

It’s not a problem if your scrap car is at a different location, perhaps a friend’s house, on-road parking spot or a public car park. Just check that the postcode is acceptable with the collector and, as long as it’s physically accessible, they’ll be able to arrange a collection.

Can scrap vehicles be collected from accident sites?

If you’ve been in a vehicle accident and think your car may need scrapping, then you’ll need to contact your insurer to work out whether the vehicle is economical to repair, or needs to be written off. It’s most likely they’ll send the vehicle to an approved repairer, who can collect the car via roadside assistance, or you may need to arrange this yourself. It’s only worth arranging for your vehicle to be scrapped once all major insurance decisions have been made. Remember, you don’t have to accept low quotes offered by your insurance company – do your research and get a comparison quote from our salvage calculator to compare the best offers available to you. Read more in our Insurance Buy Back Hub.

Can scrap vehicles be collected from remote locations?

There’s a network of buyers all across the UK (here at Scrap Car Comparison we connect our customers with 120 different scrap buyers) so it’s quite likely you’ll be able to link with a collector near you. And, thanks to a variety of different recovery equipment, collectors are usually able to access most locations. It’s worth highlighting to your buyer if your vehicle is located in a particularly inaccessible spot and they’ll be able to discuss your options with you. Here at Scrap Car Comparison, not only can we help arrange the sale of your scrap car, but will also ensure you can arrange for it to be collected for free. Head over to our Scrap Car Collection FAQs to find out more or check out our scrap car pages to get a quote today.

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