Should You Buy a Salvage Car?

Buying cars isn’t a cheap game, and you might often feel at a loss when trying to work out how you’re going to afford to get a set of wheels. There are options out there, though, and quite often you may find it’s cheaper to buy a salvage car than it is to go through a ‘standard’ used car purchase process. But, understandably, you may have some questions as to why this is so cheap. What’s the catch? Well, Scrap Car Comparison will fill you in…

Before we get on to letting you know how to get a decent deal on your next car and what to look out for, are you currently staring out of the window at a broken old set of wheels, wondering what to do next? Scrap Car Comparison is here to give you a simple solution to that question. With specialist scrap and salvage buyers in all four corners of the country, we can guarantee you the very best price for your old car, and we’ll even come and collect it for free.

Salvage car collected in Fareham

What is a salvage car?

A salvage car, simply put, is a car that has previously been written off by your insurers. This can be broken down into four different categories depending on the severity of the damage. In some cases, the vehicle must be destroyed and cannot return to the road, ever. However, some vehicles will have only relatively minor defects that could, with a little work, easily get back onto the road. It’s for this reason that buying salvage cars can be a popular option for those with the technical know-how to get them back up and running. For some, the challenge alone is enough reason to buy one.

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Are salvage cars worth buying?

One of the biggest advantages to buying a salvage car is that you’re going to be paying a much smaller price than if you were buying a used car with a full service history. It’s worth remembering that a car with a salvage title hasn’t necessarily been involved in a massive accident or had significant repairs to the structure – it could be that a mechanical problem made it uneconomical for the previous owner to sort out themselves.

Quite often, you could find that even when you factor in the price of repairs and parts, it may still be even cheaper than a similar car in full working order. As a result buying a salvage car can often be an absolute bargain, providing you’re prepared to do a little extra work before getting your new car on the road.

Are salvage cars bad?

You’ll likely find plenty of places online that will tell you to steer well clear of salvage cars because of the ‘hassle’ that comes with them, often blaming higher insurance rates and the risk of a reduction in quality or safety standards. However, this is a rather short-sighted view of the entire process and it’s important not to write-off salvage cars before you’ve given them a fair chance.

It does go without saying, however, that you’ll need to be much warier than if you were buying a brand new, or nearly-new, car. While a salesperson in a dealership may try and flog you as many bolt-ons as possible, chances are you’re unlikely to have any concerns surrounding reliability or even safety. When looking into buying a salvage vehicle, on the other hand, you need to make sure you’re checking everything with a fine tooth comb.

If you don’t have an eye for such details, then shopping for a salvage car may not be for you, but if you know what you’re looking at – or know someone who does who’s able to come with you to view the car – then you could find yourself getting an absolute bargain. 

If you’re looking to sell a broken car or van rather than buy one, then you’re in luck with Scrap Car Comparison. We’ll compare prices across the country to make sure you’re only getting the very best price, and we’ll even come and collect it directly from you at no extra cost at all. Get started today and you could find you’re moving on to a better set of wheels before you know it.

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