Is it safe to use second hand parts for your car?

Getting a car repaired is never fun, and many owners will dread the incoming invoice once the work has been carried out – but are there ways to keep those costs down? Of course the labour cost is what it is, but what about the parts? Can you save a few quid by going second-hand instead of off-the-shelf? Scrap Car Comparison talks you through both sides of the discussion…

But first, if the only way your car is going to be repaired is to use second-hand parts, and even then it’s touch and go if it’ll get back to normal, why not save yourself the stress and scrap it instead? By using Scrap Car Comparison you’re guaranteed to get the very best price for your car, and with collection agents working across 99% of all UK postcodes, we’ll even throw in a collection for free!

Can I use second-hand parts to repair my car?

You absolutely can, and in some cases you could be saving yourself a mountain of money in the process. Second-hand parts can be just as reliable and as safe as a brand new component direct from the manufacturer’s stocks. For more confidence on the quality of the parts you’re buying, it’s best to get them from a reputable parts seller, rather than a bloke down the road who buys cars to fix them up on his driveway and has a small collection of used bits and pieces.

Which parts of the car are safe to use second-hand?

Any part that is non-safety-critical should be okay to use second hand. The obvious choice for using second-hand parts would be on the more cosmetic elements, such as bumpers, headlights or wing mirrors. You can even save some cash on the mechanical components by using refurbished parts for your engine, for example. However, it’s worth remembering that these parts will have a significantly shorter shelf-life than a brand-new replacement, and you can’t guarantee just how much work they’ve already been through

How do I confirm I’m using genuine car parts?

The first place to look at when you’re buying car parts is where you’re buying them from. If you’re buying from a reputable and well-known dealer, then chances are you’re buying a genuine piece of kit. If you’re buying from somewhere you’ve never heard of or somewhere that has little-to-no feedback online, then alarm bells should be ringing at the back of your mind. At the very least you should be wary.

Once you’ve got the part in your hands, there are a few telltale signs that can be a giveaway that you’ve been sold a counterfeit. Missing serial numbers, lack of holographic stickers and even the wrong shade of colour are all common signs pointing towards fake parts. All genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts will have either an RFID tag, serial code or QR code. You’ll still need to keep your wits about you, though, as some counterfeit parts can look incredibly convincing, and have even been known to trick those who make the genuine article.

Where can I get genuine second-hand car parts?

The best place to get second-hand car parts from is either a local garage or even a breaker’s yard. These will both have had experience in dealing with tired old cars where some of the parts may have been salvageable, and can sell them on to those looking to fix up their vehicles with slightly cheaper parts. You’ll find it hard to get second-hand car parts at all from official manufacturer dealers as they’ll mainly focus on trying to sell you a brand new part direct from the OEM


What are the benefits of using second-hand car parts?

Not only is using second-hand car parts much easier on your wallet – you could save up to 50% on the price you would pay for brand new ones – but it is also better for the environment, too. Everyone knows recycling is the way forward, and you can’t get much more recycle-y than using an old car part instead of a new one. You’ll also be saving on the energy involved in the manufacture and transportation of the part itself.

If your vehicle is beyond the point of repair entirely, then Scrap Car Comparison is here to make your car’s transition to an End-of-Life vehicle that much easier. With a team of experts on hand, we’ll scour the market to get you the very best price and then we’ll even send out someone to collect it directly from you, absolutely free of charge. Get started today and see just how much your broken old car could be worth.

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