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Is Buying Used Tyres A Safe Option For My Car?

Tyres are not cheap, and it’s never fun when you go in for your regular service and find out that they’re starting to get a little low on tread – or you’ve hit yet another pothole on our crumbling road network. Due to the rather pricey nature of those bands of rubber, it’s not surprising that some people turn to second hand, part-worn or refurbished tyres instead of a brand new set. But are they safe, and should you use them? 

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Old car tires

What is the difference between new and part worn tyres?

Part worn tyres are tyres that have already been in use on another vehicle, whereas new tyres are literally brand new. Fresh from the factory and on to your vehicle. The first miles they run will be the ones that they undertake while fitted to your car.

Can you buy tyres second hand?

You can buy part worn tyres, and there is no law stopping the sale of such items. Theoretically, if you buy a second hand car and don’t fit new tyres then you’re buying part-worn tyres as a part of this sale. Often, second hand, or part-worn, tyres will be cheaper than buying brand new, but don’t let that be the sole reason for purchasing them.

Are part worn tyres safe?

There is no way to absolutely guarantee the safety of any second hand tyres that you purchase. Unlike a car, tyres don’t come with mileometers, so you’ll never be able to know just how far they’ve travelled. You can, of course, check for any obvious defects, but you simply won’t know. They could be safe, but there’s no guarantee – the only way to guarantee you’re fitting a safe set of tyres is to buy a brand new set.

What to look for when buying partially worn tyres

First and foremost, you’ll want to check the tread depth. This is something you should be doing regularly on your current set anyway, as anything below 1.6mm is deemed illegal to be on the road. New tyres come with 8mm of tread, and most experts will tell you that once you reach 3mm it’s time to replace them. If the second hand tyres you’re looking at has 3mm or less, then walk away – and even if it’s got more than 3mm of tread, check to make sure that the wear is even across the tyre.

Once you’re happy with the tread, have a good look at the sidewalls. Bumps, scrapes or simply kerbing a car can result in tyre damage. Be sure to look for cuts, scrapes or loose pieces of rubber before you make any decisions. You’ll also want to keep a keen eye open for any tyre repairs as a result of a nail or similar. These can often be found by noticing a plug of rubber that protects the tread from any leaks. 

Could I fail my MOT if I buy part worn tyres?

You won’t fail your MOT just because you’re running used tyres, but you will if they do not meet the minimum requirements for MOT tests. This includes the aforementioned minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, the fact that tyres on the same axle must have matching construction, they must not have any considerable damage to the sidewall and no cuts deep enough to expose cords or plys. You’ll also need to ensure your tyres are inflated correctly, as this can also fail an MOT.

Will my insurance cover me if I buy refurbished tyres?

Like most of what we’ve talked you through so far, it all depends on the quality of the tyres you buy. Providing your tyres are in a good, legal, condition, then your insurers won’t mind either way. But if you’re buying refurbished tyres that do not meet the minimum legal requirements, then you do run the risk of your policy being invalidated.

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