Can You Use A Second Hand Battery In Your Car?

Your car won’t get far without a working battery to give it the juice required to spark it into life. These devices, much more heavy duty than the ones you’ll find in your TV remote, can last for years – sometimes outliving the vehicle that they’re fitted in. So, what if your car or van needs a new one? Can you save some money by buying one second hand, like you can with tyres? Allow Scrap Car Comparison to explain…

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Can You Use A Second Hand Battery?

Environmentalists, rejoice! You can indeed buy a battery for your car that has already been used by someone else in another vehicle, like a car that’s been salvaged. Of course, the history of the device might be shady and you might have gotten your hands on one that’s far worse off than it looks.

But, buying a second hand car battery can be a good way of saving some cash or prolonging the life of a car that you’re planning on selling soon anyway.

If you’ve got a battery that might still have some life left in it, or even if it’s completely drained and destined for the scrap pile, then we’ve provided all you’ll need to know about the prices of scrap batteries here.

Is It Dangerous To Use A Second Hand Battery In Your Car?

In a word… maybe. Once again, this depends on the history of the battery in question and whether or not it’s been looked after and maintained, or damaged through a lack of care or even an accident.

A used battery taken from a car that’s still in tip-top condition is likely to function exactly like one that’s brand new out of the factory, albeit with a little bit less power as it slowly runs out of juice. However, if you install a second hand battery that’s half-corroded and was pulled from a car that’s clearly seen better days on the whole, you could find yourself stranded when it conks out in the middle of nowhere.

There’s also the very serious, very real risk of a fire or even an explosion if you’ve acquired a battery that’s in especially poor condition. It’s always good to inspect your car parts before you buy them second hand to make sure they’re not going to kill you a few miles down the road.

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Do Second Hand Batteries Come With A Warranty?

Generally, a warranty will cover the battery, regardless of who owns it and uses it in their car, for a set amount of time. Usually a few years, the warranty covers the device for any failures it might suffer and should do so even if you buy a second hand battery.

Tips For Buying A Used Car Battery

Corrosion is one of the most important things to identify when searching for a second hand car battery. Around the terminals on top of the device, you might find rust, sandy coloured markings or even sky blue debris that looks like something Walter White would have cooked up. Batteries in this condition should be avoided.

Take a look at the case of the battery itself. These things are large and cuboid in shape. If you see that the case is starting to warp and lose its form, it’s probably not in a good state.

Ideally, you’ll be able to see the battery in action in a car (although this is unlikely, if just ready to be sold) and if you can, make sure that the engine starts promptly. If it takes a few turns of the key to get it going, consider leaving it well alone. Trying the headlights is also a good barometer of battery strength; if they seem a bit dim, the battery might not be up to scratch.

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