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How often should you service your car?

Making sure you keep your car regularly serviced is one of the simplest ways to keep your car running as smoothly and as trouble-free as possible, but just how regular should your services be? How do you know when to get your next service and why should you do it? Let us bring you the answers to all of your questions.

How often should I service my car?

Most manufacturers will suggest that you take your car in for a service every 12,000 miles, or once a year, whichever comes first. This is just a general figure, however, and it will change depending on your car and also how you drive it.

How to tell when my car service is due?

Most modern cars will let you know when they’re ready for the next service, with their onboard computer calculating how many miles have been driven since it was last serviced – assuming your mechanic remembered to reset it, of course! Alternatively, you can check your car’s manual, as the garage would have stamped your car’s book to let you know the service had been carried out, so you can check both the date and mileage on the stamp to see when you should be aiming for your next visit.

If at any point you see warning lights on your dashboard, even if you’re a long way away from when your next service is due, you’ll want to get it checked out as soon as possible. Likewise if you hear any strange noises, whether from the engine or exhaust or any scrapes or squeals from the brakes, then make sure to get yourself booked into your local garage at your earliest possible opportunity.

Do you need to service your car every year?

It is best practice to ensure that you stick to your car’s service schedule. While you may think that your car can carry on perfectly fine and avoid paying another big fee to your garage, the longer gap between services will be putting extra strain on the mechanical parts of the car. Not only could you be driving your way to an early breakdown, but you will also find that you’re almost certainly voiding the warranty, if your is still under warranty, and also damaging the second hand value of the car as well.

What is the benefit of regular car servicing?

While we’re not saying that your car is going to cough and splutter to the side of the road the moment you pass the point at which you should be taking the car in for a service, but keeping on top of your service schedule does greatly reduce your chances of a breakdown, allowing you to pick up on any small issues that could grow into major malfunctions if not found early.

You will also find that your car will run much smoother and more efficiently if you keep to your schedule, keeping all the necessary elements of your car in the best condition possible and ensures that you and everyone else is safe when on the road – missing services could mean you drive for miles without knowing that your brakes are nearing the end of their lives or your tyres are on dangerously low tread.

Away from the physical reasons to keep up with your services, it will also serve your bank balance well. A well serviced car is not only likely to avoid any pricey repair requirements, but you will also keep any warranties valid and give you a better resale value when it comes to moving on to your next car. Missing service history can have a big impact on your car’s second hand value, so it’s best to keep everything up to date.

How much will a service cost?

Your service price will depend on what type of service you are booking in for and where you are in the country. However, as a general average , you can expect to pay around £140, plus any additional work or parts required, for a full service. Interim services, recommended to take place every six months, are slightly cheaper but do not replace a full service.

For more hints and tips on how to keep your car at its best, as well as ensuring your paperwork is also in order, visit our Car Care hub where we guide you through everything from servicing to driving convictions and everything else you’ll need to know during your driving career.

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