Engine Screeching Noises Explained

Drivers are acutely aware of the sound of their cars, and you can be sure that any new noises are likely to be picked up relatively quickly – and hearing a noise that you’re not used to usually doesn’t mean good things. Screeching noises often fit into that unnerving category quite comfortably, even more so if they’re coming from your engine bay. So what could be the reason behind any screeching sounds? Let Scrap Car Comparison guide you through some suggestions.

If the screeching is the latest in a long line of problems for your car, then maybe it’s about time to move on and get something a little more reliable. By using Scrap Car Comparison, you’re guaranteed to be getting yourself the very best price for your car, or van, no matter its age or even its condition. Better yet, with collection agents operating across 99% of the country, we’ll even provide you with free collection direct from a location convenient to you.

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What causes a screeching engine?

If the screeching, or squeaking, sound comes from your engine bay as you fire the car up, then there is a chance that this could be a problem with the serpentine belt or pulley system. The serpentine belt is a rubber belt that runs through the engine, sending power to many vital components, including the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning and even the water pump.

If the noise is more squeaky than screechy, then it could also be an issue with your alternator, which is required to charge the battery and keep all of your electrics such as windows and headlights, air conditioning and wipers running correctly. Most alternators have a life expectancy of seven years, so if you’ve had yours for a while without replacement, then this could well be the problem you’re facing.

Could this indicate anything dangerous?

If the noise is indeed coming from the serpentine belt, then it suggests that the belt will be nearing the end of its usable life, and you’ll want to get this fixed before it expires on you. If the belt snaps, then your car will not be able to power itself, and you’ll be forking out for recovery on top of any repair bills – which in turn could be higher if the breakdown causes any further damage instead of just a simple belt replacement.

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How to stop a screeching car

The easiest way to ensure your car goes along screech-free is to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Staying on top of your fluid (fuel/oil/coolant) levels and carrying out regular tyre pressure checks means you’re regularly keeping your car operating in ideal conditions, and making sure you get your car serviced by a professional at least once a year will greatly reduce the chances of any unwanted surprises with regards to general wear and tear.

Driving sensibly will help prolong the life of almost all of your components – no car is going to enjoy being thrown through corners like you’re trying to win the World Rally Championship. And if you see a warning light pop up on your dashboard, don’t ignore it. It’s there for a reason, usually for quite significant problems, and won’t go away on its own.

Get the best price for your screeching car

If the squeaking and screeching in your car has become unbearable but you can’t quite face the cost of getting it repaired, or it’s simply the latest in a long line of issues, then you might find it’s easier to simply just get rid of the problem entirely. By using Scrap Car Comparison, that decision is made even easier, as we’ll take care of all of the hassle for you and make sure you only get the very best price, no matter your car’s age or condition.

All you need to do is provide us with your number plate and postcode, and we’ll do the rest. Better yet, with certified and trusted buyers in all four corners of the country, we can provide you with a free collection from a location convenient to you, before your car is recycled in line with all the relevant legislation. Just one call to 03333 44 99 50 or a visit to our handy online quote generator is all it takes, and before you know it you’ll see just how much your car or van could be worth as scrap or salvage.

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