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Cash For Scrap IconScrap my Volvo – All you need to know

Whether your Volvo is written off and beyond repair, has become too costly to run or you simply don’t need it anymore, you may be wondering what to do with it. Scrapping your Volvo can be a great solution that takes your car off your hands, as well as providing you with money to put towards the purchase of a new car.

No matter the reason, if you have a Volvo you’re thinking of scrapping, we’ve put together everything you need to know here, so you have all the facts to help you make an informed decision.

Common reasons for scrapping a Volvo

People decide to scrap a Volvo for a whole host of reasons. It may be down to personal circumstances, simply not needing the car anymore, moving away or a change in needs or finances.

Or, it could be that your Volvo is reaching the end of its life and isn’t as reliable anymore. Accidents, fuel efficiency, costly repairs and running costs are all common reasons to consider scrapping a Volvo to make some money.

Even if your Volvo is still in good condition and there are no damage or performance issues, you may still be able to scrap it. There are also salvage buyers who can take your car off your hands to sell for parts that can be reused.

If you’re looking to scrap your Volvo, you can get a quote in an instant using our Scrap Car Comparison calculator.

What is my Volvo scrap value?

The amount you receive when you scrap your Volvo is mainly calculated by its weight. However, there are other factors that can affect a Volvo’s scrap value, such as the model of the car, its general condition and its age.

To find out more about how much you will get for scrapping your car, check out our blog post covering how the amount is calculated.

Volvo scrap value comparison

Here, we’re looking the different scrap values for Volvo car models at Scrap Car Comparison. This table looks at how the value of the models compare to each other. Scrap values fluctuate due to market changes quite regularly, so these prices are shown as percentages to display the difference between the different models.

For example, if the average price of a Volvo being scrapped was £100, then a Volvo model worth 70% when scrapped would potentially be worth around £70.

Model % of Volvo Price
Volvo 440 71%
Volvo 480 75%
Volvo 850 93%
Volvo 940 96%
Volvo C30 92%
Volvo C70 120%
Volvo S40 102%
Volvo S60 102%
Volvo V40 88%
Volvo V50 115%
Volvo V70 97%

Most popular colour of Volvo scrapped

  1. Blue 27.82%
  2. Silver 24.06%
  3. Grey 12.78%
  4. Black 9.77%
  5. Green 9.77%
  6. Red 8.27%
  7. Gold 3.01%
  8. White 1.50%
  9. Beige 0.75%
  10. Bronze 0.75%
  11. Maroon 0.75%
  12. Purple 0.75%

My Volvo is too good to scrap – what now?

If your Volvo is still in good condition, Scrap Car Comparison can still help to take it off your hands. Using our scrap car calculator, we can provide you with a quote from our network of hand-picked salvage buyers, who will offer the same service as we would if your car was scrapped. Not only will this give you some money to put towards a new vehicle, it also saves you the time and effort of selling your old Volvo yourself.

Volvo scrappage scheme

Volvo don’t currently offer a scrappage scheme for their cars. If you want to scrap a Volvo, you need to go through a buyer or Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) such as Scrap Car Comparison. Providing you with an instant quote, you can find out the scrap value of your Volvo and have it taken off your hands hassle free.

Scrappage vs. scrapping – what’s best?

The difference between scrappage schemes and scrapping your car through a buyer or ATF, such as Scrap Car Comparison, is mainly down to the different conditions and criteria that need to be met.

With most scrappage schemes, your car needs to meet certain criteria to be eligible and you then have to upgrade to a particular vehicle, usually from the same manufacturer. However, when you choose to scrap your car through Scrap Car Comparison, you can take the money to spend on whatever you like.

Scrap your Volvo with Scrap Car Comparison

If you’re looking to scrap your Volvo, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We can help you find the best price for your car, sourced through our trusted and certified network of buyers, and get it scrapped without any hassle. Get a quote for your Volvo and find out how much it could be worth.