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Cash For Scrap IconScrap my LDV – all you need to know

Are you ready to move on from your LDV? Scrapping could be right option for you. Whether you still haven’t made up your mind yet, or want to know a little more before you make your decision, we’re here give you some answers to queries you may have. Our latest blog explores the factors which could affect the value of your LDV, different scrappage options available and how much your LDV could be worth. Plus, we’ll talk you through our simple tool to finding the best price for you van when you scrap it with Scrap Car Comparison.

Common reasons for scrapping an LDV

Vans are always in high demand because they are so useful and versatile, there is just about a van to suit anything you may need. However, there does come a time when you outgrow your van, you need to move onto something bigger or more specific, your van may have outlived its glory days and is now running on empty. You may have a fair bit of wear and tear, or damage it just can’t come back from. Whatever the reason for scrapping your LDV, we have plenty of buyers across the UK that want to buy your scrap van, no matter what condition it’s in.

What affects my LDV scrap value?

With any vehicle you want to scrap, you’ll want to make sure you can get decent price for it, but what affects the value? From model to age, condition to colour, there are numerous factors to consider when valuing your van.

If you’d like to find out more about the different factors in more detail, and what you can do to get a better value for your LDV, we’ve written a blog on the subject here.

LDV scrap value comparison

Before deciding what to do with your van, one of the most important factors in your decision making will be “how much can I get for this”. This is going to depend on a number of things including model and colour, so we’ve pulled some statistics to show you how the different models measure up against each other, as well as which colours are the most popular when it comes to scrapping. It’s worth remembering that the prices of scrap vehicles fluctuate due to market changes. So, we’ve displayed the amounts in percentages; these percentages reflect how much that model would fetch if scrapped, compared to the average price of LDV vehicles being scrapped.

[Price comparison data coming soon ]

Most popular colours scrapped

Here’s a list of the most popular colours scrapped, with silver heading up the list.

[LDV colour data coming soon]

My LDV is too good to scrap – what now?

Even if your van is in good working order, or hasn’t done many miles, scrapping isn’t your only option and we can still help. We’ll still give you a quote, hand-picked from our network of scrap and salvage buyers, and offer you the same service as we would if your van was getting scrapped.

Either way, the Scrap Car Comparison process is really simple, and completely hassle free!

LDV scrappage scheme

LDV launched a scrappage scheme in 2018 offering a whopping £9,000 off the V80 large van, which was already the cheapest van in the fleet. To be eligible for the scheme, drivers needed any kind of van, but it had to have been registered before 1st January 2011 while also meeting Euro 4 emissions regulations. This scheme only ran during 2018, there are currently no official LDV scrappage schemes running, but there are numerous scrappage options out there. With Scrap Car Comparison, we have a network bursting with contacts who have spent years in the industry with plenty of knowledge and expertise in both buying and recovering vans.

You can find out more about your own scrap car or van make here.

Scrap your LDV with Scrap Car Comparison

Get in contact with us today and we can help you find the best price for your Iveco. We have hundreds of trusted buyers across the UK waiting to buy your van so you don’t need to trawl through scrap yards, search online for the best deals or haggle with price. We’ll give you an instant quote and do all of the hard work for you. Use the form above to get your free quick quote and find out how much your van could be worth.