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If you find that your Jaguar is too expensive to run, or it’s sustained a few knocks and scratches, or maybe you’re wanting to move onto something a little different, scrapping your Jag could be the answer. To make your decision easier, we’ve put together some important information from reasons to scrapping your vehicle to factors that affect value. Plus, get a free, instant quote for your Jaguar – hassle-free.

Common reasons for scrapping a Jaguar

From 1935 to 2020, Jaguars have maintained a respectable reputation in the luxury car sector, with many different models in the market. However, you may have a Jaguar that’s endured a lot of wear and tear over the years or you may feel it’s too expensive to run or maintain. Whatever the reason for deciding to scrap your car, scrapping can be a great option to get rid of the old car sat on your driveway or garage and free up some cash. Scrapping your car is a win, win situation.

What affects my Jaguar value?

Unfortunately, from the moment you drive off in your new vehicle, it’s starts to decrease in value. However, the manufacturer, model and age of the car can stay on your side when it comes to value withstanding the test of time. Mileage, colour, condition of the car and number of previous owners will also affect the value of your Jaguar. The condition of the market can also have an effect on the value of your vehicle, so that’s worth taking into consideration.

Jaguar scrap value comparison

Whether you’ve got an S-Type, X-Type or an XJ, if you decide to scrap your car, you’ll understandably want to get the best price for it. The price you’ll receive for Jaguar will depend on many different factors including the above, so we’ve pulled some statistics together to show you how these different models measure up against each other, as well as how the colour of car affects the price. Since the prices of scrap vehicles vary due to the changes in the market, we’ve displayed the possible amounts in percentages; these figures represent how much that particular model would fetch if scrapped, compared to the average price of Jaguar vehicles when scrapped.

Model % of Jaguar Price
S-Type  106.53%
X-Type 97.37%
XJ 106.83%

Most popular colour of Jaguar to scrap

While looking for a new car, everyone has a different set of requirements they are after. From number of doors to boot space and fuel type, colour plays a big part in in buying a vehicle. In terms of scrapping a Jaguar, blue, black and silver are the most popular colours to scrap. Green and grey follow closely behind with red, gold, maroon and purple being less common. Don’t forget that Jaguars are still a highly desired car, so whether you had a black or gold Jag, you can still make a good profit from scrapping it with Scrap Car Comparison.

Most scrapped by colour

  1. Beige – 1.28%
  2. Black – 16.24%
  3. Blue – 34.19%
  4. Gold – 2.56%
  5. Green – 8.12%
  6. Grey – 9.40%
  7. Maroon – 0.43%
  8. Purple – 0.43%
  9. Red – 4.70%
  10. Silver – 22.65%

My Jaguar is too good to scrap – what now?

You may feel like your Jaguar is too good to scrap, but scrapping is not the only option. We can still give you an instant quote for your vehicle, hassle free. We’ll then use our network of scrap and salvage buyers to find you the best deal and offer you the same service as we would if your car was getting scrapped. You’ll find the process straight forward and you’ll still be able to get rid of your car, without wasting time searching for a buyer or trying to get the best deal, it really is simple.

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