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By using our free, independent price comparison tool, you can browse and compare the most competitive quotes from the best scrap and salvage buyers in the UK. We only work with experienced, professional and friendly collectors, so you can rest assured the process is safe, simple and trusted. Whether you’re in Milton-Keynes, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Bletchley, or Buckingham, Scrap Car Comparison will collect your car or van at no extra cost.


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Nearly every part of a modern car or van can be recycled and go on to be reused, and as the recycling industry grows, the benefits of scrapping increase too. Whether your car is old, damaged, has broken parts or failed its recent MOT test, we’ll offer you a top price for it, and guarantee your quote.

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Scrap Car Comparison can collect from all over the UK, from driveways, side roads and garages. Our buyers will give you a hand with the paperwork and you’ll be paid on the very same day. All of our collections are contact-free to protect both our customers and our collectors. Find out more on our Buckinghamshire collections:


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