Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ)

One of the most historic cities in the country after the capital, and home to the second-oldest university in the world (beaten only by Bologna), Oxford is also the location for Britain’s first ever Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ). The pilot scheme is in place on a small number of streets in the city centre, and Scrap Car Comparison is here to guide you through everything you need to know, from where it’s in place, how much it costs and what you can do to get a more compliant vehicle.

Where is the ZEZ in place?

The ZEZ is the first of its kind, and is being implemented on just a small number of streets within the Oxford City Centre. The entire length of all roads listed below are included within the scheme, unless otherwise stated:

  • New Road (between Bonn Square and its junction with Castle Street)
  • Bonn Square
  • Queen Street
  • Cornmarket Street
  • New Inn Hall Street
  • Shoe Lane
  • Market Street (From its junction with Cornmarket, extending east for 40 metres)
  • Ship Street
  • St Michael’s Street

What vehicles are covered in the ZEZ?

Any vehicle with an emissions output greater than 0 g/km CO2 will have to pay the daily charge. Vehicles are split into further groups, which are as follows:

  • Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) – Vehicles which emit no CO2 and are exempt from the scheme.
  • Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) – Vehicles which emit less than 75 g/km CO2; any two or three-wheeled vehicle emitting more than 0 k/gm CO2; national ultra-low emission truck standard will be adopted for HGVs when defined.
  • Low Emission Vehicles – Vehicles with four or more wheels that meet the Euro 4 (petrol) or Euro 6 (diesel) standards.

Any vehicle not fitting into any of the above categories will be charged the maximum amount.

If you’re not sure which of these categories your car fits into, Oxfordshire County Council offers a free online checker where you can find out how much you’ll need to pay to drive within the ZEZ.

How much will I pay?

Using the categories outlined above, the following charges apply:

Vehicle Type Current Daily Charge Daily Charge from Aug 2025
ZEV £0 £0
ULEV £2 £4
LEV £4 £8
All other vehicles £10 £20

As you can see from the table above, charges will double in 2025, so there is time to replace your higher polluting vehicle with a more environmentall friendly alternative.

Can I get a grant to get a compliant vehicle?

Oxfordshire County Council has not announced any plans for any grants to replace your old internal combustion engine car with an electric or hybrid alternative. However, Scrap Car Comparison is able to help you make the switch much sooner and with minimal fuss.

Scrap your car for the most cash

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