Norwich’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

Like many cities around the country, Norwich has a Low Emission Zone in place to try to bring down the pollution levels for residents and workers within the city’s limits. Let Scrap Car Comparison guide you through everything you need to know about Norwich’s plans, who they affect and what you need to do to get around them.

Where are the zones in place?

At present, only buses that has Castle Meadow listed on the registered route of service. Plans were being made for a Zero Emission Zone to be implemented within Norwich city centre, with the city being one of only three to be awarded Zero Emission Transport City funding, along with Bristol and Oxford. However, a reduction in funding from the Government has put the brakes on current plans. Oxford’s has already been implemented, and you can find out all the rules and regulations here

Do I need to pay the daily fee?

With only buses falling under the remit of Norwich’s LEZ, then there are no charges at present for the average motorist – however, this is likely to change in the near future as the new Zero Emission Zone begins to take place. 

How much will I pay?

For costs with regards to buses, all details are kept with the Traffic Commissioner. Any potential charges for the future Zero Emission Zone are yet to be confirmed, however charges in Oxford range from £2 up to £10, which will double in August 2025.

Can I get a grant to get a compliant vehicle?

Any details regarding grants for non-compliant are still to be confirmed as the details for Norwich’s future Zero Emission Zone are ironed out by Transport for Norwich.

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