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What Should You Remove From Your Car Before You Scrap It?

If you’re looking to get rid of an old or damaged vehicle, the easiest approach is to scrap your car using our easy and simple online tool. In just a few clicks, the whole vehicle can be taken off your hands for a competitive price. Find out why an Authorised Treatment Facility (government approved scrap yards) remove car parts, what they could become and how to scrap a car with parts missing. Find out more with this guide…

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Why does an ATF remove parts before scrapping?

An ATF can carry out treatments such as depollution, disassembly, shredding, recovery, or preparation for disposal. If a vehicle is being recycled then certain parts will be removed and recycled. Many parts will go onto be used within another vehicle, or recycled into something else completely.

Tyres can be removed, melted down and used within racetracks or roadbeds, window screens and glass can be recycled and reused over and over again, and car batteries can also be recycled as 99% of a lead-acid battery can be recycled. To find out how much a car battery alone is worth as scrap, we’ve gone into detail on this here.

Parts of the bodywork can be taken off, and the steel can be melted down and rolled into new flat sheets, this can be used in the production of new cars, or within various construction projects.

The catalytic converter is made up of platinum, rhodium and palladium which can all be reused within the pharmaceutical industry. They can also be recycled and used within electronics and jewellery.

Find out what other car parts can be recycled from our car recycling guide.

Can you still scrap a car with parts missing?

Yes, you absolutely can, although you won’t get as much for the vehicle as you would if it were totally intact. You’ll need to let your car scrappage company know what’s been removed so they provide an accurate quote, and, by choosing to remove key parts yourself, will likely result in a low salvage price or only an offer for scrap value. Find out the difference between scrap and salvage vehicles here and how Scrap Car Comparison can help you get the best price for your vehicle.

Don’t forget – If you want to keep hold of your personalised number plate you spent ages thinking up, don’t let that go to scrap! You can keep them if they’re transferred to another vehicle or onto a Retention Document before you scrap your car. If you forget to do this before scrapping, then you won’t be able to use the same number plate on another vehicle.

You’ll need to get your paperwork in order even if you’re not looking to retain your personalised number plate. Read more here to see what documents you need to scrap your car.
Stack of used tyres and car parts on racks

Here at Scrap Car Comparison, we can collect vehicles in any condition, so even if you have a vehicle with parts missing, or parts that are damaged, we’ll be able to find you a buyer. Head over to the Cars for Cash page to find out how much you’ll be able to make for your scrap vehicle, whatever state it’s in.

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