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We’re Supporting Our Time this April

For the second part of April, we’re delighted to be supporting Our Time.

Our Time is the only charity dedicated to supporting the children of parents with a mental illness. We give them the support they need – in their families and in their schools – so they can reach their full potential. This is what every child with a parent who has a mental illness deserves.

One in three children has a parent with poor mental health – more than one in ten have a parent with a severe mental illness. And these young people face unique challenges. They often struggle at school, with their education disrupted, and face bullying and isolation because of their family situation. Many are carers for their ill parents, or other family members, shouldering responsibilities beyond their years.


Without support, they are three times more likely to develop a mental health difficulty themselves. But the KidsTime Workshops make a big difference. These sessions provide a safe and supportive space for families where there is mental illness in a parent – it’s often the first time these young people have spoken openly about their situation. Here, young people learn about mental illness through discussion, drama and games, and through this understanding comes resilience and compassion. They find support, new friendships and fun. Meanwhile, their parents have time to talk to each other, creating a lasting social network that becomes a source of advice and support.

“The KidsTime Workshop was the first time anyone described my mum’s illness clearly to me. I realised why she was different and that I had nothing to be ashamed of. I also met other children with the same problems which made me feel we weren’t abnormal. At home, I had to behave like an adult; we couldn’t run around or make a lot of noise and we had to always make sure Mum was okay. KidsTime was the one place I could be a child – I could play, have fun and laugh and I really needed that” Girl, Kidstime Workshop

As well as helping these children within their families, Our Time supports them in their schools. Their schools programme empowers both pupils and teachers to talk about, and understand, parental mental illness. We help teachers recognise students who have a parent with poor mental health, and we give them the confidence and the tools to support these young people. We enable them to become the trusted adult that all children of a parent with a mental illness should have.

Donate some or all of the profits to Our Time when you scrap your car or van with Scrap Car Comparison. Find out more, read our FAQs on donating through your vehicle.

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