Service and maintaining a van or commercial vehicle

Servicing can often feel like an incredibly frustrating aspect of vehicle ownership, and the thought of a hefty bill coming at least once a year can leave you to wonder why you do it, but did you know if you don’t, you could just be setting yourself up for an even bigger bill further down the line? For example, would you rather pay £150 to keep your parts in good working order, or over £2,500 for an entirely new engine?

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How often should I service my van?

The general rule of thumb is that you should get your van or commercial vehicle serviced once a year at the very least. This should give you enough time to be able to catch any major issues before they become more expensive than they need to be. Some vehicle owners like to do a secondary, slightly less strenuous, service every six months, but once a year should suffice.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on your mileage between services, and if you clock up over 12,000 miles, it may be worth getting one sooner, rather than waiting until your 12 months are up.

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How long does a van service take?

Services can vary in length depending on who is carrying them out and how in-depth they’re going with that particular service. A full service is likely to take approximately three hours, while an interim service can be done in as little as 90 minutes. Naturally, a full service will cost more than the interim but will cover a lot more and provide a much better health check-up for your van. These times can also grow if your van requires any further repairs or maintenance work.

Full service vs interim service

When weighing up what type of service you need for your van this time around, it’s worth looking back at previous services to see what you had done in the past. If your last service was only six months ago, or you’ve only covered around 6,000 miles, then all you’re going to need is an interim service. Interim services are much less in-depth than a full service, and will only really cover the fluid levels (screenwash, brake fluid, antifreeze), as well as a quick once over on the engine, battery, lights and tyres. 

Alternatively, if you’ve covered over 12,000 miles, or it’s been a year since your last service, then you’ll be needing a full service on this occasion. A full service, as can be expected in the name, does everything you would have in an interim service, while also looking closer at some of the more intricate areas of the vehicle. This will include air filter replacements, a check of all wheels and bearings, the throttle, and a closer inspection of the engine.

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