Can I scrap a Commercial Vehicle?

Here at Scrap Car Comparison, we take vehicles of all shapes, sizes and styles, ensuring that we can live up to our promise of getting you the very best price with absolutely minimal fuss. If you’re looking to scrap something a little larger, such as a commercial vehicle, the process is no different than if you were looking to scrap a Nissan Micra.

Commercial vans lined up

Is scrapping a commercial vehicle any different to scrapping a normal car?

Nope! We’ll go through the exact same process to scrap your commercial vehicle as we would for any type of other vehicle, be it a car, van, pickup truck, whatever! Simply pop your reg plate and postcode into our online quote generator and we’ll get you your price in just a matter of moments!

Can you scrap a van?

Absolutely! We scrap an awful lot of vans each year – in fact, Ford’s iconic Transit van regularly makes it into our annual list of the ten most scrapped vehicles, which also takes into account the scrapped car figures too! Getting a quote for van works in exactly the same way as if you were disposing of a smaller vehicle. With just your vehicle registration and postcode, we can get you a price for your van. Plus, if you’re a business owner who’s looking to scrap multiple vans in one fell swoop, we have a specialist sales department to assist with the process.

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Can you scrap a truck?

Cars, vans and even trucks can be disposed of with us here at Scrap Car Comparison. We take everything from rigid trucks to articulated lorries, and can offer you a price in a flash, just as we would if you were scrapping a smaller car. So, if you’ve got a truck that needs offloading, get a quote today and find out how much money you could make by selling it.

What type of commercial vehicle can be scrapped?

We can find you buyers for any number of vehicles, and have previously found buyers for the following:

  • Minibuses
  • Lorries
  • Trucks (Rigid, Trailers and Articulated)
  • Heavily modified vehicles
  • Vehicle transporters
  • Military surplus vehicles
  • Specialist equipment vehicles
  • Medical and ex-police vehicles
  • Plant machinery vehicles
  • Small, medium and large specialist vans
An example of some of the commercial vehicles we buy

How much is a scrap van worth

Each van will be priced up differently, with no two vehicles guaranteed to be worth the exact same amount of money. The good news is, though, that in general, vans are worth more than cars. Why is this? Well, the biggest influencing factor is the overall weight – the raw mass – of any vehicle when it’s being priced up for scrap and it goes without saying that vans are rather hefty machines.

Age, condition, make and model will also play a more minor role in pricing up your van, so no matter what size your vehicle is, you can get a price in seconds with us!

Can I scrap multiple commercial vehicles at once?

If you’re looking for somewhere to scrap a fleet of commercial vehicles, whether it’s a one-off disposal or a regular stream of unwanted vehicles, then Scrap Car Comparison can offer you an unrivalled fleet disposal service. We’ll assign you a dedicated account manager and collection agent, meaning we do all the price negotiations on your behalf, and can offer a two business day turnaround, with same day payments made instantly on collection.

Can I scrap a commercial vehicle without a logbook?

Scrapping a commercial vehicle without the logbook (V5C) is absolutely possible, although it does add a few more steps to the process. The logbook is used by our collection agents to confirm, before they take the vehicle, that you are indeed its rightful keeper and are legally allowed to scrap it.

If you do not have the logbook, you can still scrap your commercial vehicle, but you should notify our sales team at the point when you initially get a quote. They will be able to instruct you with the next steps in order to complete the sale of your van without the V5C. This will involve making your own record of the required information which can then be sent off the the DVLA.

Generally speaking, most people opt to simply replace the logbook instead to ensure that they’re fully equipped at the point of sale.

What do I need to scrap a commercial vehicle?

To get a quote with Scrap Car Comparison, you’ll need to provide the team with some information and have some documentation to hand at the time of collection:

  • Vehicle registration: We use your vehicle’s registration to obtain the details that we need about it, like make, model, type and trim level
  • Postcode: Our network of scrap and salvage dealers covers 99% of the UK, so we use your postcode simply to find the best offers for your commercial vehicle from buyers in your local area
  • Extra information: Any extra info that you can provide about the condition of your vehicle could help it be classified as salvageable, which could end up earning you more money
  • V5C: As we mentioned above, there are ways to scrap your vehicle without the logbook, but it helps to have it present so that yourself and the collector can fill in the required documentation. It also makes it much easier for you to notify the DVLA that you are no longer the keeper of the vehicle
  • Photo ID: A form of photo identification is important because it allows us to confirm that you are the person who has their name on the vehicle’s documents as the registered keeper or owner
  • Keys: The vehicle’s keys are important as they allow the collector to gain access to the car. This is often necessary to aid in towing it or winching it onto the removal truck, but it is possible to scrap without any keys

Can I scrap my commercial vehicle for cash?

Following the Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013, it is illegal to be paid in cash for scrap vehicles. Instead, you will be paid on the day of your collection by either bank transfer or cheque.

If you’re looking to scrap your commercial vehicle, then get in touch today and see just how much your truck, minibus or large van could be worth. Alternatively, by using our online quote generator you could find your best price in just 30 seconds and all of your problems could be sorted before you know it.

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