We’re Supporting Magic Breakfast this March!

Scrap Car Comparison is supporting Magic Breakfast as our featured charity for the remainder of March, helping ensure that no child is too hungry to learn and thrive.

It’s an alarming fact that there are 4 million children at risk of hunger in the UK, which equates to one in four that do not have enough food to eat. A hungry child cannot concentrate, meaning they could be missing out on almost half of their lessons if they do not eat before lunchtime. Magic Breakfast combats this by providing a nutritious breakfast in its partner schools, who open a little earlier than usual to ensure all of their students have access to the most important meal of the day.

Without Magic Breakfast’s work, many children would simply be starving all day until lunch, and by the end of primary school, a child who misses out on breakfast daily will lose the equivalent of nine months worth of lessons. 

One school in Hackney, one of the most deprived areas in all of London, explained just how important Magic Breakfast has been: “One boy’s behaviour was so bad we were about to exclude him. Before I did, I thought, let’s just try asking him to breakfast club. It was magic – he settled. He was just hungry. So simple.”

A donation of £10 is enough to provide two months’ worth of breakfast for one child, and you can support the hugely important service provided by Magic Breakfast by choosing to donate through our Donate-A-Car scheme. When selling your car with Scrap Car Comparison you can choose to donate some – or even every single penny – of the profits to our featured charity. We’ve worked with some of the biggest charities in the country and raised thousands of pounds towards important work across a huge spectrum of causes. For further information on how this scheme works, we’ve put together a handy FAQ document, which can be found here.

Use our quick and easy online quote generator, or call us on 03333 449950 and find out just how much you could receive for your old car in as little as 60 seconds.

With your donations, we can help ensure that no child goes into their morning lessons hungry. A child who regularly eats breakfast will achieve two grades higher when they sit their GCSEs, and you can help ensure that they’re on the right track.

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